‘Short, Not So Sweet : A Collection of Short Stories’ by Jatin Khandelwal is a collection of 14 unique tales.

The stories, as the title suggests, are crisp and concise nevertheless, with a surprising ending.
The tales are based on myriad themes, each one portraying vivid imagination.

The climax of each tale is brimming with elements of shock, surprise and unimaginable twists and turns.

Narration and description is flawless with an engaging storytelling way. Language and vocabulary is refined and lucid. Characterisation is done well as the characters seem to be realistic and relatable.

I found the cover enigmatic and intriguing with minimalistic approach. Title is certainly apt and justified for the collection of tales. Blurb is mediocre with a precise description of stories.

Overall, a remarkable collection of intriguing tales with a hint of shock and surprise towards the end.


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