‘The Stranger’s Bedroom’ by Bijoy Munshi is a romantic and emotional tale.

The plot opens with the protagonist Ravish suffering from temporary amnesia, loses his memory and is clueless about his own identity. A book helps him recall a few fragments of his life.
The plot revolves around the life of Ravish, his corporate job, his struggles and his passion of writing.
He meets with an accident and his life is altered completely. From physical to psychological, all aspects of his life get affected.

The storyline tugs at the heartstrings of readers and brings harsh realities of life to surface. The emotional and sentimental values are depicted deeply along with an emotional rapport with the readers.

Narration and description is vivid and imaginative. Language and vocabulary is refined and lucid. Editing is done well with hardly any flaws to be observed.
Storyline is unique, engaging and thoughtful with twists towards the end of the tale, enticing the readers till the very end.

I found the cover attractive and artistic, blurb is concise and crisp, however, title seemed somewhat disconnected to the tale and could have been better.

Overall an interesting tale with elements of romance, suspense and emotions.


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