An adventurous tale of calamities, bravery and an underlying message!

‘Ringo and the Yogi’ by Prasun Roy is an adventurous and thrilling tale with a serious and thought provoking tale.

The storyline is beautiful with a simple and engaging plot for the readers of all age groups.
The plot revolves around Ringo, a ten year old school boy with astonishing bravery and courage, and a hundred year old yogi, Sambhu, one of the true messengers of the gods.

The story is brimming with adventure, thrill, mystery and above all, a pivotal message for all the inhabitants of mother earth. The plot seems to have been inspired from recent disaster in uttrakhand consisting of landslides and floods, owing to human activities, depletion of natural resources and degradation of environment.

The theme is wisely chosen with lighter elements infused appropriately along with serious and grave matters which are the need of the hour.

Language is simple and lucid with an easy going manner. Narration and description is vivid, picturesque and engaging. There are hardly any errors depicting well done editing. Characterization is done well with main characters of Ringo, a relatable character with a sense of bravery, sensibility and willingness to take riaks and Sambhu, a yogi who preaches importance of natural resources and preservation of earth to all mankind in a subtle way.

I found the cover attractive and creative especially for children. Title is simple and mediocre hinting towards adventures encountered by Ringo and the Yogi. Blurb is concise and crisp, making the readers want to pick up the book.

Overall, a light read with a heavy message, preaching about the need to conserve the environment and inculcate various virtues in children ranging from courage and bravery to faith.


A technical fiction tale set in Himalayas!

‘Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar’ by Kochery C. Shibu is a captivating technical fiction.

The plot is built around workers, labourers and people engaged in Dhauladhar, outer Himalayas. The protagonists include, Khusru, a local villager,and emotionally weak with a low character, Nanda, the engineer and Rekha, a woman who easily gave away to temptation.

The storyline is technical, pertaining to AM Hydro Project, to build a dam and everything involved in it including the lives of people associated with it.

The plot is interesting and very well researched, owing to personal experience of the author, however, turned out to be quite technical and intense for an average reader. Moreover, the plot seemed to be far more stretched and elongated than it should have been.

Narration and description is indeed admirable. Vivid and picturesque description and visualization by the author kept me glued to the book.Language and vocabulary is lucid and refined with minimal errors. Edited is done well.

Characterization is something which could have been better. Despite being able to relate and connect with the characters, I found, most of the characters unrealistic and weak.
Moreover, various unnecessary characters were included to stretch the storyline who served no important purpose in the tale.

I found the cover attractive, beautiful and creative. Title is apt, referring to the twists and turns encountered by people of Dhauladhar. Blurb is detailed and reveals a lot about the plotline.

Overall, an interesting tale, for readers looking for passionate, elaborate, descriptive tales.

An original and creative collection of unique poetry and prose!

‘Ivory Gleam’ by Dr. Priya Dolma Tamang is a power packed collection of poetry and prose.

I’ve always found poetry difficult to review owing to the fact that there’s a whole level of difference between what’s portrayed by the author and what’s perceived by the readers. However, in this particular one, I could immediately connect to the author’s thoughts and ideas.

The poems and poetry consist of three major themes – learning, longing and love. However there are myriad themes which author touches.

The poems are refreshing and offers new insight in every line to the readers. It’s a crisp and short read and every little poem touches a chord somewhere deep in readers’ hearts.

Titles of poems and proses are quirky, inspiring and thought provoking as are the poems. Language is refined and various subtle depictions are done.

The poetic style of the author is unique with a appropriate combination of perfect clarity and subtle imagery. The originality in thoughts can be instantly perceived.

I found the cover somewhat mediocre with a scope of improvement. Blurb is poetic and vivid just like the book. Title is sophisticated and artistic.

Overall, a musical and creative expression in poetic form!

A inspiring saga of courage, resilience and determination!

“One Step At A Time” by Venkat Iyer is a brutally honest and inspiring tale of tragedies and cruel blows of life.

The story is deeply inspired by true incidents and follows the life incidents of Visu, a man with grit and determination who refused to give up, no matter what.

The storyline is deep, sombre and tragic with immense troubles, incidents and tragedies faced by the protagonist Visu and how courageously he endured the troubles and stood up against life with resilience.

I found the plot too despondent and desolate with tragedies striking Visu one after another. In author’s words, “his life was a never ending saga of the tragedy unfolding one after the other.” Simultaneously, I found it motivating, inspiring and engaging.

Additionally, the quotations by Dalai Lama, Franklin Roosevelt, Albert Einstein and other dignitaries enhanced the core value of the book. The pictures provided made the book appear much more realistic and emotional.

Language and vocabulary is simple and lucid. Narration and description is emotional, smooth and crisp. Grammatical errors were minimal.

I found the cover quite suitable for the tale. Title is apt and justified apart from being inspirational. Blurb is effective and written well hinting towards the storyline.

Overall, a great read for all the readers out there.

A realistic and emotional tale of love and ‘turbulences’ of life!

“A Turbulent Tale of Love” by Shalu Kumar Dhillon is an engaging tale of ups and downs encountered in life.

The storyline is built around Nihal, a pilot by profession with a happy-go-lucky demeanor and Rabani, a strong, focussed girl.

The plot deals with enmeshed lives of Nihal and Rabani, how they fall in love and endure twists and turns of life. The subplot consists of Nihal’s parents, his mother Neena, a singer who is battling with depression and his father, a professor and a caring man with utmost sense of responsibility and patience. The book also talks about Neil, Nihal’s closest friend and confidant.

The plotline is gripping and relatable. Description and narration is smooth yet somewhat overstretched. Language is simple and lucid, can be easily understood by readers from all backgrounds.

Characterization was done exceptionally well, with a detailed and relatable character development, making the readers understand and feel the emotions and inner, deep feelings of characters.

I found the cover average which couldn’t do justice to the intense and intriguing storyline. Blurb is concise and well written which is potentially crisp and heightens the desire to read the book.

I would like to rate it as 3.8/5.

Overall, a difficult to put down book with romance, suspense and emotions infused appropriately.

A creative and imaginative tale for bibliophiles!

‘Yes, I Met Maruti’ by Dakshesh Trivedi is a creative, imaginative and vivid tale.

The plot is built around a boy from Gujarat, his aspirations, dreams and struggles.
The emphasis is laid upon spiritual belief and faith (on Lord Maruti ).

The story is infused with power of dreams, imagination and visualization.
Aspects of love, romance and friendships are brought subtly to the surface.

Narration and description is intricate and involves multiple stories within the tale. However, the vivid and imaginative side of the book keeps the readers going.

Language and vocabulary is mediocre. I could find multiple grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes every now and then.
Editing requires improvisation.

I found the cover attractive and suitable for the storyline. Blurb is concise and average. Title hints towards the plotline and theme of spiritual belief in Lord Maruti.

Overall, an interesting read for newbie bibliophiles.

A realistic and romantic tale of lost love!

‘You are mine’ by Dharvin Vinod Vasani is a clichéd, romantic tale infused with twists and turns of life and luck!

The plot is crafted around Aarav, a 25 year old guy and Ananya, who fall in love and plan a life for themselves while destiny plays it’s role.

Aarav and Ananya drift apart as Ananya disappears from Aarav’s life without a further trail. But why?

The plot is realistic yet common. I couldn’t find a speck of uniqueness or incredulity in the story. However, most of us can relate to the reality of the plot.

The simplicity and the ability to relate to the characters as well as the storyline kept me glued till the end.

Narration and description is done well. However, the plot seemed to be extensively dragged. What could’ve been a crisp and gripping tale was turned into a long, descriptive and dragged novel.

Characterization is done well with realistic touch and thoughtful characters. Readers get to know, understand and feel what the characters are going through in the tale.

Language and vocabulary is mediocre. Editing mistakes and grammatical errors were plenty and it needs to be worked on.

Cover is dull and couldn’t excite me to plunge into the book. Title is clichéd and hints at being a romantic tale. Blurb is concise and average.

Overall, a one time read for romance lovers.

An efficient guide to know all about blogging!

‘Blogging for Gold: A to Z of Blogging (Tikku’s Travelthon Book 2)’ by Anuj Tikku is a powerhouse of blogging tips!

It’s a non fiction book, encompassing A to Z of blogging. Dealing with each and every aspect of blogging, it offers something new to every blogger, newbie as well as a pro.

The book talks about everything about blogging from basics to promotion of your blog, creating appealing content, monetisation of your blog, role of social media, getting rid of blogger’s block , self publishing etc.

The content has been divided into little chapters, each one dealing with one aspect. Being a blogger, I could instantly relate with the book.

Language is reader friendly and lucid. Narration and description is presented in a simple and smooth manner.

I found the cover attractive and appealing. Title is perfectly justified for the book. Blurb is concise and could’ve been improved to justify the content of the book.

Overall, a well researched and well presented book for all the bloggers and readers.

An effective handbook to enhance the quality of your life!

“Seeking Genius, THE LITHE WORKS: Refine Your Potential” by Sapna Sudarshana is an inspiring and influential book!

The self help book takes the readers on a journey towards an enriching and legendary life.
The book is organized into various mini chapters focussing on sharpening different skills and improving varied aspects of your life.

I found the titles of the chapters quite quirky and interesting apart from being inspiring.
The approach of the book is to focus on improving the quality of your life week by week. A plan for each week is given, consisting of various tools and techniques to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, the author talks about following the book for a week or two and experimenting with the ideas to see your growth and how well it suits you, keeping individual perceptions in mind.

Inclusion of motivational quotations by Rumi, Robin Sharma, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Blaise Pascal, Maya Angelou and others enhance the core motive of the book.

Language and vocabulary is lucid and refined. Some points could’ve been elaborated for a detailed description.
Tools, techniques and plans discussed are practical and noteworthy.

I found the cover too simple and bland for the book. Blurb is concise and well presented. Title is suitable for the book, pointing towards the essence and aim of the book.

Overall, a good self help book to inculcate positive changes in life, little by little.

A tale of lost love, sacrifices and life lessons!

‘Fraction of My Heart : How Much Can You Sacrifice for Love??’ by Arijit Neogi is a heartfelt saga of love, longing and sacrifices!

The plot despite seeming an ordinary romance tale turns out to be an engaging story brimming with human emotions and feelings.
The plot revolves around five people, Arijit, Pari, Akash, Neha and Rahul, each one maneuvering through life’s experiences.

The theme is thoughtful and intense. The subtle depiction of author’s thoughts through the message is admirable.

Narration and description is vivid and relatable. The pace of the book is maintained throughout the tale.
Characterization is done remarkably well by portraying realistic characters, each one unique in its own way.
Language and vocabulary is up to the mark.

I found the cover attractive and appropriate. Title is justified for the storyline. Blurb is detailed and well written.

Overall, a gripping book to present a different angle of love and life!