‘Indogene: Stories of Indians Across the Globe’ by Sriram Devatha is a bunch of honest and poignant tales of Indians across various lands.

The book contains ten short stories, each one portraying various aspects of life of Indians in a foreign land.
The themes range from power, money, law to love, religion and ethical issues.

Each story has been constructed thoughtfully with an organised depiction of thoughts. The tales are well researched and insightful.

Language is refined and lucid with appropriate vocabulary and detailed narration. Description is vivid and author provides minutest details, letting the readers get absorbed in the tale.

I found the cover interesting and attractive, hinting towards the Indian theme of tales. Blurb is concise and precise. Title is enigmatic and intriguing, heightening the curiosity to read the tales.

Overall, a beautiful collection of remarkable tales, each one a gem in itself.


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