A fascinating and informative book about Indian Muslims!

“The irony of Happy Muharram” by Syed Amjad Ali is a fascinating and informative book wrapped in humor!

The book is all about Indian Muslims andwhat an average Indian Muslim’s life like. This book talks about every day life of Muslims, unintentional mistakes aimed towards them and hilarious consequences which arise eventually.

The book is written in an engaging tone, grabbing the attention of the readers from the beginning as the author starts with humorous account of how the names of Muslims are misspelt or mispronounced and the identity of Muslims is mistaken!

Then, a wonderful account dealing with ‘The reality of muslim leaders’ has been provided by the author. Then, the myths and misconceptions surrounding muslims and their marriages are busted as the author takes the readers on this journey. The author has also talked about naunces of Indian Muslims, the discrimination faced by them, common perceptions about Islam and much more!

This is a complete eye-opener for an ordinary Indian who had wrong pre-concieved notions about Muslims. An informative book, written in a casual sort of way, full of humor and punch, this is a must read for all!

The language is lucid and the description grips the readers completely. Since the book resonates with the lives of Indians, and all of us have either come across a Muslim is actually one, it makes the book very lively and close to reality.

I found the cover quite justified and there’s something peculiar about it which would make the readers pick it up to delve into the world of Muslims. The title is unusual too, but hints that the book is more or less about Muslims.

Overall, an interesting and informative read which makes all of us realize that Muslims are as much Indians as any of us!

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A reality inspired account which inspires and enthralls simultaneously!

“Borderline” by Shabri Prasad Singh is a beautiful account of author’s journey which has been fictionalized to present before the readers!

The book talks about Amrita’s journey into the world of loneliness and desperation, anxiety and desperation, leading to alcohol and drugs and ultimately borderline personality disorder.

The author reveals the events and incidents which lead to it including death of her father which affected her deeply and later brought her into partying lifestyle. She expressed how she kept falling into the pit, the vortex of drugs, alcohol and parties and found it difficult to get out of it.
Finally, the author delves into the journey of rehabilitation and treatment and how she gets out of her mental illness to lead a normal life.

Borderline is a raw, bold and inspiring account of author’s real life journey and it entralls, encourages and inspires the readers!

The narration is vivid and almost flawless, owing to the fact that it’s author’s real tale. Characterization is strong is done well with Amrita being the main character. The language and vocabulary is well chosen and suitable for the readers.
I found the cover quite attractive, apt and justified for the tale. Title of the book, “Borderline” gives the readers a glimpse of what lies inside, that is, the book talks about ‘ borderline personality disorder’. Blurb is crisp, concise and would make the readers pick it up to know more about the story!

Overall, a great book which deals with a raw, bold theme, and conveys a thought-provoking message to the generation. Strongly recommend to all the readers!

A gripping mythological fiction!

“PRALAY – The Great Deluge” by Vineet Bajpai is a thrilling and intriguing sequel to his previous bestseller “Harappa – Curse Of The Blood River.”

The plot opens with the story so far and takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of mystery, passion, conspiracies and devastation!

Spanning different places on the globe including Harappa, Benaras and Bithynian City ( modern day Turkey ) and different centuries from 1700 BCE to 2017, this gripping tale is bound to engage and enthrall the readers.

The story continues after Harappa and talks about rise and fall of pujari ji. Various secrets including ancient secrets of ancestors of Vidyut are revealed.

The narration is extremely vivid and the readers could imagine the scenes unfolding effortlessly in front of their eyes. Language is lucid and grips the readers throughout. Moreover, the characterization is strong and gives the readers a better sense of the tale!

However, towards the middle of the tale, the book suddenly slows down and it’s pace turns slow, making it difficult for the readers to continue. Also, at times it becomes difficult to follow the storyline as the description becomes too much tangled and incoherent. Later, as the tale proceeds, the enthusiasm and pace returns.

The major disappointment happens to be a third part in the tale, leaving the readers hanging at the edge of a cliff and craving for more!

I found the cover bright, flashy and attractive, hinting at the thrill and suspense contained in the book. The blurb is indeed well written, neither revealing too much nor containing the excitement within itself. The title is catchy too and tries to give away the essence of the tale.

Overall, an interesting, difficult to put down tale!

A unique and quirky book to take you on a hilarious adventure!

“The Surrogate Lies” by Shantanu Munshi is a unique and adventurous novel which engages, engrosses and makes the readers enjoy a fresh and different story!

The storyline is simply ‘out-of-the-box’ and relieves the readers from the constant love and romantic drama. The plot revolves around four main characters who are very different from one another, but have embarked on a journey together.

They are as normal as us, yet as different as you can fathom. This is a story which offers little life lessons about fear, insecurities and failures, wrapped in humor.

The author has penned down a very interesting and hard to put down novel. The narration of characters and situations is done remarkably well with subtle elements of thrill, intrigue and humor.

Language and vocabulary used is so apt and appreciable. The quirkiness of the title ‘The Surrogate Lies’ and titles of various chapters don’t fail to add humor and draws the readers towards the book.

I found the cover of the book mediocre. For a plot written so well, there is a scope for much improvement. The cover could have been better. The blurb is written quite well, which reveals neither too much, nor too less. It simply arouses curiosity about the journey of four people from opposite corners together!

Overall, a very happening and unique piece of contemporary fiction which engages, enthralls and tickles the readers!

An engaging and inspiring, traditional Indian tale!

“A Few Last Laughs: A Novella” by R.S. Ramanujam is a traditional Indian story!

The plot revolves around Smitha and Anand who are prospective bride and groom for an alliance. However, society and circumstances add obstacles in their path. This is a tale depicting how they exorcise their inner demons and have a few last laughs!

In India, marriage is a traditional and systematic process which takes place in successive steps from matching the horoscope of bride and groom to engagement and finally wedding. The older generations pass on their culture, ethics and values to the newlyweds and they pass it on to the next generation.
Therefore, the author has beautifully brought out the essence of Indian marriages through this tale. In author’s words,“A wedding is a seed sown for a crop of a thousand years.”

The storyline is smooth and narration is flowy with a very strong and good vocabulary. For authenticity, the author has used a few vernacular words here and there which add sheen and interest to the story.
The cover is attractive and justified by the author perfectly in author’s note. The blurb is short and concise.
Overall, a great, interesting and short read which will engage the readers while giving away values and ethos of Indian marriages.

A short, one time read, romance fiction!

“Hangover” by Shilpi is short, simple, one- time read love story!

The plot revolves around ‘Sneha’ and ‘Vikrant’ who inspite of being madly in love with each other, are destined to stay apart.

The plot is narrated by Sneha in which the emotions of the protagonists are depicted well. The storyline is too simple and usual. The plot moves at medium pace and ends at a sad note.

The characterization is done quite well and makes the readers actually live them. Also, the author has made sincere efforts to show that love can exist in many forms. Love need not end only in marriage. The essence of story as described by author is ‘love is boundless.’

The language used is way too simple with usage of English and Hindi words and vocabulary isn’t very impressive. Hindi verses and poem are used quite often by the author. The spelling mistakes are abundant in the book. Grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes are present here and there. The title of the book ‘Hangover’ is interesting and arises curiosity. The author has used the title repeatedly and tried to justify it’s use.

The cover of the book is attractive and intense. Blurb is well written but reveals a lot about the plot.
Overall, a mediocre, one time read, romantic fiction tale!

A light headed, emotional, romantic fictional tale!

“I Wear The Smile You Gave” by Shweta Shah is a typical romantic fiction tale infused with intrigue, passion and emotions!

The plot revolves around Aditi, Ajeet and Sumi whose lives are intertwined with each other. The author has creatively brought out feelings and emotions through the characters. The story is described in two phases – present and flashbacks of past.

Despite selecting a usual theme of one-sided love and romance, the author has penned down a different and inspiring tale. However, I felt the ending of the story was tragic and a little abrupt.

The narration was flowy with easy going and informal language, characters could have been depicted in a better way so that readers could actually live them, title is unusual and peculiar with a well written blurb.

Overall, a fine book with little life lessons disguised in a romantic, light headed fictional tale!

An inspiring tale of friendship, courage and power of dreams!

“What’s Your Dream” by Heena Vijayvergia is an inspiring, entertaining and uplifting tale of friendship, courage and power of dreams!

The plot concentrates on that phase of life which one goes through in college days. It describes the various heartfelt emotions experienced during college days when we are brimming with hope, aspirations and inspiration.

The story is beautifully plotted with simple theme yet brilliant depiction. The narration is gripping and engrossing, making the readers go through the moments described by the author. Characterization is lively and realistic, with characters as real as us!
Inspite of choosing a usual and common theme for storyline, the writer has presented it in a unique and inspiring way, making the tale quite a page turner.
The storyline is an amalgamation of reality and dream world and the author has put in great efforts to signify the strength which our dreams possess.

The language is easy going with Indian touch. Cover page is beautiful, thought provoking and it’s simplicity makes one begin prodding our minds to realize our dreams. Blurb is well written, sharp, concise and heightens the curiosity to go through the book!

Overall, an interesting book which will make the old readers revisit their college days and make youngsters realize the power of dreams in a fun and entertaining way.

A well researched, historical fiction novel!

“The King Within” by Nandini Sengupta is a wonderful work of historical fiction!

The plot thickens around four major protagonists- Dev, Darshini, Dhruva and his friend. The author has deeply researched about the facts of ancient Indian history and flawlessly turned it into a piece of fiction. The book is partitioned into two parts ‘power of passion’ and ‘passion for power’!
This is a story of love, hate, friendship, revenge and loyalty.

The characters are strongly portrayed which makes the readers actually understand what’s going on in the minds of the characters.
The language and vocabulary is rich and meticulous with beautifully crafted sentences. Narration is smooth and gripping.

“The king within” deals with ancient, long forgotten history of India and presents it in a vibrant, vivid and creative way! What could have been a long, boring lesson in history turned out to be engrossing and engaging tale brimming with elements like love, hate, friendship and revenge.

Since, the story is set in 373A.D., some of the ideas presented in the story are traditional and outdated which might not be valid and appreciated today.
The book was edited well with a very few grammatical or spelling errors.

I found the cover quite eye catching and attractive, with an interesting and apt title ‘The King Within’. The blurb was concise and perfect, not revealing much of the interesting details of the tale.

Overall, a great read, dealing with history of ancient India!


A hilarious, captivating and original tale!

“I Too Had An MBA – The Secret Diary Of Luv Khurana” by Sambhav Khetarpal is a wonderfully written book!

The entire novel is written in the form of diary entries which are very realistic, original and relatable. Everything written in the book from author’s note to acknowledgement ( Thank You ) towards the end of the book is engaging, engrossing and humorous.

The plot is flawlessly narrated in the form of diary entries of secret diary of Luv Khurana who describes his MBA journey in such a way that makes the readers actually live in the moments described.

The author has picked up a great theme and the product is simply un-putdownable for it’s originality, uniqueness and ‘out-of-the-box’ plot.

The language is very casual and lucid. However, I found a little excess of characters who were ineffectively described. Still, it’s completely overshadowed by author’s brilliant efforts to bring out such a funny piece of contemporary fiction.

The cover is attractive and eye catching, title is interesting, apt and might make the readers pick up the book out of sheer curiosity. I found the blurb concise and a little bit revealing.

In author’s words, “I too had an MBA is a must read for anyone who is an MBA, wants to be an MBA, is pursuing an MBA, teaches MBA, hates MBA, or has no clue what MBA is!”