An efficient resource book for language improvement and vocabulary enhancement!

‘GRE Master Wordlist : 1535 words for Verbal Mastery’ by Vibrant publishers sums up the need of a fine resource for GRE vocabulary and verbal reasoning section.

The book has been designed in such a way that top 1535 words , chosen by experienced experts of the concerned field have been included.
Vocabulary, as we all know is quite vast and thus, difficult to master thoroughly.
However, with the book to your rescue, aspirants will be able to refer to the most sought after words in GRE exam, along with their synonyms, and antonyms.
Additional qualities like correct sentence usage, part of the speech mentioned, description of the right context to use them, pronunciation etc make the book worth it.
The arrangement of Wordlist is alphabetically, making it easy to use and understand.

In my opinion, the book might prove to be useful in other entrance and job related examinations as the content is well selected and presented ; suitable for various competitive exams.

Overall, an effective resource to enhance verbal reasoning and vocabulary for GRE aspirants.


A detailed, informative and updated book for reading comprehension improvement.

‘GRE Reading Comprehension : Detailed solutions to 325 questions’ by Vibrant publishers is an effective and practical guide to crack GRE.

Even though the book is meant for GRE preparation, it might be quite helpful in various other competitive exams containing reading comprehension questions.

The book provides an overview of the GRE revised general test taking into account all the basic information required for aspirants.
The reading comprehension part consists of not only passages to solve but also facts, skills and strategies for reading comprehension. It includes general tips and FAQs as well.

The comprehension passages cover a wide variety of subjects including arts and humanities, biological sciences, business, social sciences, physical sciences and day to day topics.

Overall, it’s quite a helpful tool for students with minimal errors and typos.

An emotional tale of love, romance and unpredictability of life!

‘I Am Always Here With You’ by Himanshu Rai is a heart touching, deep and emotional tale.

The plot is weaved around Kartik and Ashima, their journey through thick and thin and the strongest bond of love between them.

The plot brings out deepest and strongest human emotions and feelings to the surface.
It talks about unpredictability of life.

Strongly is though conceivable, yet various elements of uniqueness have been added by the author.
Narration and description is engaging and keeps the readers glued till the end. Depiction of love, pain, heartbreak and frustration is vivid and soul stirring.
Language is simple and basic, easily comprehensible by all readers.
Characterization is done strongly with readers being able to feel and understand the characters, their emotional state, pain, heartbreak and love.

I found the cover very attractive and eye catching. Blurb is mediocre with little hint towards the intensity of emotions depicted.
Title ‘I Am Always Here With You’ is apt, justified and perfectly suitable for the storyline. Moreover, its simplicity and beauty might want the readers to know more about the book.

Overall, a deeply moving book, for readers wanting to go on a roller coaster ride through love, heartbreak, pain and unpredictability of life!

A fantasy tale involving love and suspense, secrets and revenge!

‘Aranghya & Jahar : Bandahar Series – I’ is a fantasy tale, mixed and matched with suspense and thrill.

The plot is interesting yet complicated. It revolves around kingdom of Bandahar, divided into seven smaller kingdoms with King Mithilesh as the emperor.

There are various aspects of the story and multiple scenarios within.
The story talks about the prophecy of King’s death through golden serpent.
The love angle is brought into picture when the king decides to get the prince Vikrant married to princess Binodhini and how the prince is enchanted by Ishanya, a commoner with lovely voice and daughter of a sage.

The kingdom is in danger as schemers like Kalachakra plan to take over the empire.
What’s the fate of the king? The kingdom of Bandahar? Of prince and Ishanya?

There exists an interplay of politics and revenge, greed and cunningness, love and suspense.

Narration and description is vivid and detailed yet confusing and complicated. The scenes are beautifully described which are still etched in my mind.
The parallel scenarios depicted made it difficult for me to grasp the storyline, especially in the beginning.
The closure was full of suspense and mystery, leaving the readers hanging on the edge of the cliff.
Characterization is done in a mediocre way with too many characters into picture without focus on each and every one of them.
Somewhere, I felt the story has become too far fetched, both in terms of number of characters as well as detailing of scenes.
Language is refined and vocabulary is strong. Inclusion of poetry in the beginning added charm to the book.

I found the cover simple and attractive yet unsuitable for the story. Title baffled me in the beginning, but eventually it seemed fit for the tale. Blurb is concise and quite unrevealing.

Overall, an interesting book for readers with a little patience to get hold of the storyline and enjoy the fantasy tale.

A science fiction tale based on post apocalyptic survival!

‘After Annihilation : Would you want to Survive?’ by Gauri Mitral is a thrilling yet thought provoking story.

The plot is set in future ( 2034 ) with post apocalyptic events taking place. It talks about four engineering graduates who have taken up jobs.
Nuclear war begins and the protagonist, Madhavi survives the mishap and joins other survivers along with Aarav in the city of Shunya. Shunya lacks basic resources for human survival. Would she be able to survive?
More importantly, would she want to survive?

The plot themes mainly consist of science fiction, nuclear war, apocalypse, love and friendship, human emotions and mental health.
The storyline is well presented in an engaging way.
Narration and description is fast paced, crisp and gripping.
Characterization is done well, with emphasis on Madhavi and how her character is depicted.

I found the cover suitable for the plot. Title is interesting and hints towards the storyline. Blurb is well written.

Overall, a well crafted tale, addressing various issues wrapped in science fiction.

An emotional tale of love and pain, brimming with raw emotions!

‘Witnessed By The Hills’ by Reecha A. Goyal is a romantic story brimming with emotions and feelings.

The plot is built around college lovers Anay and Rhea, their journey together in life. It talkes about how opposites attract and would they be able to sustain their love?
Then, the storyline is gradually taken to certain serious aspects of life. With tragedy striking their lives, would they be able to hold on?
The plot reveals strengths and pain encountered in love.

The storyline, though not very unique, tugs at readers’ hearts. The emotions and thoughts are depicted vividly. Plot twists may render readers upset.
Narration and description was somewhat slow in the beginning however, eventually the book caught up the pace.
Characterization is done well, with focus on protagonists.
Language and vocabulary was lucid and comprehensible.

I found the cover attractive and romantic. Title is beautiful and justified.
Blurb is concise and precise, could’ve been better though.

Overall, an emotional ride, recommended for all romance enthusiasts.

A much need guide for working women for stress free life!

‘How I Survive Vizmom : A Guide For Everyday Living’ by Vidhu Bhatnagar is a simple yet effective book for tackling issues throughout the course of life!

The book is a non fiction account of a working mother who is a doctor and a responsible mother. It outlines various effective measures for issues faced by working mothers who constantly juggle their life between home and workplace.

The chapters highlight power of positivity, gratitude, creativity, forgiveness, humility, meditation and various aspects which are essential for a stress free and peaceful life.

The author has described the chapters with ease, taking into account her personal experiences and anecdotes.
Narration and description was smooth and easy to let it sink in. Language was basic and straightforward.

I found the cover quite dull and bland. It simply lacked the energy of the content presented. Title is apt and interesting, hinting towards the book’s genre. Blurb is concise and gives a brief description of what lies inside.

Overall, a book which has a lot to offer to readers with its simple and overlooked strategies.

Get the book from

How I Survive Vizmom : A Guide for Everyday Living

Emotional, hard hitting and realistic poetry collection!

“Voice of the soul” by Shreyans Kansas is a bittersweet depiction of various life instances and emotions through poetry.

The poems are based on wide range of ideas but essentially stick to human emotions and introspection.
The titles of the poems are simple and subtle, yet emotional and powerful and so are the poems.
Most of the poems have a heart touching message behind it, delivered covertly or overtly to the readers.
Language is lucid and contemporary with strong vocabulary. Narration is vivid and picturesque, emphasizing power of imagination.

I found the cover abstract, meaningful and apt. Title is certainly the most appropriate and justified. Blurb is simply mediocre.

Overall, a treat for poetry lovers looking for some soulful creations!

A fast paced, crime fiction, political thriller!

‘The Highway Mafia’ by Suchitra is a well plotted crime fiction tale based on social and political scenarios in the country.

The story revolves around young activists working for the rights of animals and a mafia group involved in illegal trafficking of cattle.

The theme is strong and well executed. Language was simple yet strong. Narration and expression was vivid and gripping.

Overall, a fine story, thoughtful and engaging to the core.

An honest and informative account of an anaesthesiologist!

“Knock Knock I Am Your Anaesthesiologist” by Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar is an inspiring and engaging account of her journey as a doctor, particularly anaesthesiologist.

The memoir is well drafted and executed, beginning with author’s journey commencing to become an anaesthesiologist. The author takes the readers on a ride with her to the medical world, acquainting readers with terminology and procedures of medicine while keeping the readers completely engrossed.
The humor and laughter inculcated in the prose is remarkable.
The author brings out various emotions which she underwent from excitement to frustration, restlessness to exhaustion to the surface.
The book offers a real insight to the secretive portals of medical science.
Towards the end of the book, the author talks about her growth as a doctor, her life being changed for betterment and all is well that ends well.

Despite being a non-fiction book, this book managed to keep me glued throughout. The language was simple inspite of inclusion of medical vocabulary. Description and narration was vivid and relatable.

I found the cover simple and sober, relatable for the memoir. Blurb is concise and could’ve been elaborated a bit. Title is quirky and appropriate for the book.

Overall, an interesting, entertaining and informative account, bound to engage the readers till the end.

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Knock Knock I am Your Anaesthesiologist