“A New Dawn” by Kamini Kusum is a gut-wrenching story of courage and resilience!

The plot revolves around protagonists Shravan and Mugdha, who despite the differences in their social statuses fell in love with each other. However, as they say, ‘life is what happens to you when you are busy planning something else’, destiny has something else in store for them. It’s an emotional journey that Shravan and Mugdha undergo with grit and determination.

The author has wonderfully portrayed human emotions, thoughts and feelings. The author has brought out the harsh reality of life and facing the hurdles with courage and strength. The essence of the book lies in the spirit of “never giving up.”

Narration and description is done flawlessly with minor glitches here and there. The plot and storyline is well presented. Characterization is done equally well, offering insight to the readers to know and understand the characters.

Language and vocabulary is fine. The author has used general, simple and easy English with a few vernacular words like ‘namaste’, ‘verandah’, ‘aloo’, ‘vaid ji’. This adds to the effectiveness of thoughts and emotions going on in a particular scenario.

Nevertheless, the typos, grammatical errors and punctuation marks were unavoidable. Editing needs improvisation. The print quality requires improvement too as it is straining and unattractive to go through such small print.

I found the cover quite suitable and attractive, hinting at the love story and army backdrop of the tale. Blurb was average, concise and crisp. Title does justice to the story lying inside the book and is inspiring and brimming with positivity.

Overall, a great tale about reality of life and facing the hurdles heat a belief of “never giving up!”


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