“Life is What Matters: It’s time to be happy again” by Alka Dixit is an incredibly inspiring creative non-fiction tale of a girl!

The books talks about ways to lead a happy life, to fulfill your life’s dream, importance of smile and other little overlooked mantras of a successful and joyful life.

The author has beautiful penned down the book in a non-preachy way, covering the essential aspects of an inspirational life, brimming with positivity and motivation.

The language is easily understandable, lucid and motivating. The book is divided into various parts – A, B, C and the author has divided each part into different sub topics and points, thereby making it quite effective and efficient.

I didn’t find the cover suitable or much attractive. It’s simple and doesn’t give a hint about the book. Blurb is concise and very well written. Title is indeed inspiring and would make the readers want to pick up the book

I would like to rate it as 4.3/5.

Overall, a much required book in today’s chaotic and stressful times!


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