“A profound and insightful work of art and literature!”

“Equations of a being: A being who gathered moss” by Ashutosh Gupta is a wonderfully crafted piece of art!

With an exceptionally well written thoughts in the form of quotations and verses, this book is bound to leave you spellbound. The book traverses trajectory of different stages of author’s life in a deep, subtle and insightful way.

It’s a masterpiece which can be read again and again leaving the readers craving for more. The language used by the author is beautiful with a great selection of words. The author has penned down earnest and profound thoughts criss-crossing his mind in a limited amount of words.

In the beginning I couldn’t understand where the author was leading, however, eventually the heart touching verses and quotes satiated my desire to read a wonderful piece of literature!

I found the cover to be eye-catching, interesting and expressive with a blurb that will make you pick up the book immediately. The title is quite apt and precise.

Overall, I would like to rate the book as 4.5 out of 5.0
Certainly recommend to all literature lovers out there!
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“An inspiring, motivating story which teaches a lot about life!”

“The Writer’s Bloom” by Neha Katyal is magnificent work of fiction which takes the readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, adventure, intrigue and inspiration!

The plot revolves around the protagonist Saanvi who takes part in a writing extravaganza which is an initiative taken by a renowned scientist and author to find answers to his deep and moral questions about life! The protagonist finds her virtue, her pursuit in the journey of writing for the extravaganza.

It’s a beautiful piece of work containing an infusion of emotions, suspense, romance and adventure. A page turning read with deep and insightful thoughts and words.

However, the philosophy preached by author might seem a little too stretched to some readers, nevertheless, it simply inspired and gripped me completely.

I would like to rate it as 4.0 out of 5.0
Certainly recommend…

“A unique, awe-inspiring and gripping tale!”

“When God Bribed a Sailor” by Shalabh Bansal is a masterpiece!

One of the most beautiful, gripping and inspiring tale I’ve read in recent times! The plot revolves around the protagonist Kishaant who is enticed by Merchant Navy. His past life and background is narrated by Kishaant himself in a flowy manner where the readers get to know him better.
He endures many hardships during his course, however, the the twist comes when God Almighty meets him!
At this point, Tasha, a lovely and relatable character comes into picture and Kishaant falls for her. Their unique, pure and awe-inspiring love story begins, engaging and enthralling the readers immensely.
The book is brimming with love, pain, revenge, forgiveness and dark, deep secrets which are highlighted wonderfully.

The title of the book is quite different and raises curiosity among the readers.Read the book to know why “God Bribed a Sailor”!
The cover is eye-catching and interesting with a mediocre blurb.

On the downside, the books contains grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes, with ill-structured sentences and a few too long chapters.

I would like to rate it as 4 out of 5. Recommend to all the readers out there!

“A deep, meaningful and engrossing tale!”

“Brahmahatya” by Rajiv Mittal is a strong yet gentle novel. It’s different, unique and out of the box plot engrossed me throughout the read!

The plot revolves around Ravi, who is avenging his father’s death by impersonating him.
The characters are portrayed beautifully and I was enticed by Bhavna’s character immensely.
The emotions of love, hatred, sadness, despair were brought out effectively. Moreover the author has vividly narrated the story with fluency. The language is indeed commendable with a wonderful vocabulary.

The engrossing part of the book is it’s religious and ancient approach where the author has tried to connect present day characters with Indian Mythology by quoting various Sanskrit scriptures and shlokas! It gave a deeper, meaningful approach to the novel.
Also, the social message the book has tried to convey touched my heart.
However, at places the book became a little monotonous and disinteresting. But, it was a great read all in all with a catchy and attention catching title- Brahmahatya…
I would like to rate the book as 4.1 out of 5.
Certainly recommend to all the readers out there!

A morally questioning, engrossing, and gripping book!

“Nice Men Finish Last” by Pravesh Vir Sidhu is a quite engaging and interesting story of love, heartbreak, friendship and ethics!

The plot opens with breakup of the protagonist Nandu when Noor leaves him for another guy. The heartbroken guy Nandu goes astray in the wrong influence of his friend Sattu in order to win girls. He adopts all morally wrong ways to turn into a superhero.
Then, Tanishq comes into his life for who he has to turn into a ‘nice man’ again! Read this engaging story to know do nice men really finish last?
I found the language lucid and simple with flowy narration gripping the readers. The cover was average, with a catchy and thought provoking title.
Overall, it was a very interesting read with minimal grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes.
I would rate it as 4.2 out of 5.
Certainly recommend!

“A tale of ordinary and extraordinary!”

“The verge of fear” by Praneeth Ravindra is an interesting amalgamation of ordinary and extraordinary!

It’s a tale full of suspense, mystery, love, frustration and selflessness. The plot revolves around Sadhu who finds himself under strange, unusual and peculiar circumstances. His mind is engulfed by various questions nonetheless, they remain unanswered. Eventually, he comes across the God himself who leads him to a place where a mirror reveals his painful and disheartening past. He realizes that he is no longer alive and how his family members met their end!

In the second part, the book talks about rebirth and selflessness to cleanse the earth of all maliciousness.

The storyline was engaging and intriguing with easy and lucid language. The story was relatable and would certainly appeal to all the readers.

The cover was extremely eye catching, apt and interest arousing. The blurb was short and concise with an average title.

Overall, I would rate it as 3 out of 5 owing to grammatical and punctuation errors.

An enthralling and intriguing crime thriller!!

“Prisoned in Love” by Vaiibhav Nigam is a remarkably well analysed book!

It is a romantic crime fiction book where the author has tried to weave a gripping and engrossing tale of love, vengeance and sacrifices. The plot revolves around Rayirith Kapoor who was working in Bank of America after completing his MBA in New York.

His life is well settled with a wonderful wife and daughter. However, the twist comes when he lands up in cell of Rikers Island State Penitentiary. His plans to escape are intricate and well analysed! But the reasons behind it will leave the reads surprised and shocked!

The storyline is interesting, engaging and intriguing, making the book hard to put down. Nevertheless, the motives and intentions behind everything Rayirth Kapoor does become too predictable. At times, I felt the plot was dragged unnecessarily, thereby diminishing the crispness of the book.

Moreover, the editing errors, punctuation and grammatical mistakes irked me a lot! The language though lucid with a flowy narration was overshadowed by printing or editing errors!

The cover is exciting and apt with a mysterious and curiosity arousing blurb. The title is mediocre but all in all, the presentation of the book is appreciable.

Overall, I would like to rate it as 3.8 out of 5.

The book is recommend to all the readers looking for an engaging, gripping tale which will make you ponder up to what extent can you go for your loved ones!

A bunch of crisp, unique short stories!

“Talking Stories: From Scream to Silence” is a collection of eleven unique and thought-provoking stories!

The stories revolve around various themes including love, hatred, jealousy, relationships, friendship and so on. The plot is beautifully crafted with each story providing the readers with suspense, thrill and amazement!

The stories are deep and as the title says, seem to “talk” to the readers. The characters are nicely potrayed and seem to come alive. However, the book contains some grammatical errors and I felt a few stories ended abruptly! Moreover, language and narration gets a little monotonous and inconsistent as we proceed.

I found the title extremely interesting and catchy and blurb mediocre.

Overall, I would like to rate it as 3 out of 5.
It’s recommend to all those craving for a dose of unique, heartfelt stories which will seem to come alive!

A fun filled, humorous and unpredictable read!

“Oh My Goddess” by Rohan Govenkar is a mind boggling, entertaining and a thrilling read! Will keep you hooked till the end.

An engrossing tale with a wonderful sense of humor, “Oh My Goddess” is sure to leave the readers glued! The plot revolves around the protagonist Naveen who could go beyond his limits to win his college crush Jessica who turns out to be his boss’s daughter. He thinks of an elaborate plan to woo her and fakes their kidnapping. Simultaneously, the story of two mischevious guys who are desperate to earn money runs along. The point where the two stories meet is an absolute treat for the readers!

The climax is gripping, engaging and unexpected. The author has weaved the plot in such a way that leaves the readers guessing and missing! The language is easy and narration is flowy. But, it’s creation of this unpredictable plot, full of twists and turns that surprises the readers at every page.

I found the cover is surprisingly creative and attractive, blurb mediocre, and the title “Oh My Goddess” weird.

The book contains editing errors, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Owing to them, I would like to rate the book as 3.8 out of 5.

Recommend to all the readers out there.

A spiritually awakening, mystifying book!

“The mystic of twin flame relationship” by Manjit Sargam Chawla is a fascinating infusion of philosophy, spirituality and elements of fiction!

It’s a greatly crafted book providing the readers with the idea of twin souls and awares the readers about unconditional divine love.

The author has penned down her noble thoughts in an interesting way which serve the readers in many ways. The various concepts elaborated are a revelation for most of the readers. The pace of the book is a bit slow and a few readers uninterested in spirituality, philosophy and self help may find it a little monotonous. Nevertheless, its a beautiful work inspiring readers and arousing their interest in such an offbeat topic. The language is beautiful, precise and lucid, leaving the readers craving for more!

The cover is mediocre, though I found the title “The mystic of twin flame relationship” mysterious and catchy. The blurb is concise and a bit revealing.

On the whole, a lovely book to read which teaches unconditional love and is a sort of self help book! The book contains a few editing errors, misprints and repetitions.

I would like to rate it as 3.5 out of 5. Certainly recommend.