A tale of love, loss and life!

“A Quest for Spring” by Monica Mujumdar Dixit is a roller coaster ride of love, separation and reconciliation!

The plot is beautifully written which revolves around Raehan and Amolika who amidst college life find themselves drawn to each other with a bond of love. However, they drift apart only to reconcile years later!

The storyline is engrossing and gripping with emotions and feelings described vividly. The tale contains elements of thrill, suspense mystery making it difficult to put down.

Towards the end of tale, the readers feel connected and bonded to the characters, especially Amolika and the happy ending of the story simply wins readers’ hearts.

The language is lucid and mellifluous with a few printing errors. The characterisation is done beautifully with relatable characters.

I found the cover quite attractive with a revealing blurb and apt title ‘A Quest Spring .’
I would like to rate it as 4.2 out of 5. Certainly recommend to all book lovers out there…


An extraordinary story of an ordinary guy!

“You are the best thing that happened to me” by Sushil Kumar Rana is an extraordinary story of an ordinary man!

The plot revolves around an author and mechanical engineer whose life is accomplished yet lacking love. He is successful author of two novels and apparently happily settled in life however, love is missing from his life.

It’s an emotional story depicting love and loss. The narration is flawless with gripping elements drawing the readers towards itself. The language is simple and flowy. However, the grammatical errors in the book disappoint the readers occasionally.

Overall, an interesting romantic tale for all book lovers…

An inspiring epic retold with precious life lessons!

‘Ramayana: Stand Strong’ by Shubh Vilas is an epic tale retold in an engaging, inspiring and motivating way!

It’s the fourth book in ‘Ramayana: The Game of Life’ series. It is a wonderfully written book, with detailed narration of episodes from Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki’s Ramayana.

The book relates precious life lessons with tragic story of brothers Bali and Sugriva. It’s a thoughtfully written book which provides it’s readers with essence of life and way to acquire essential wisdom through the mind-boggling and confusing journey of life!

A wonderfully written book for all seekers in life. With a flawless narration, easy going language and modern way of retelling the epic, this book is bound to touch your heart.

The title is eye catching, evoking courage and strength in the minds of the readers, blurb is concise and crisp which will enhance the excitement of readers to pick up the book!

I would like to rate it as 4.5 out of 5. Certainly recommend to all bibliophiles…

A thrilling, mind boggling

“Harappa – Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai is a remarkably intriguing tale!

With a perfect infusion of Indian history, mythology, fantasy, crime fiction and art, this book is bound to enthrall the readers. The author has created a wonderful piece of literature with the storyline mapping different eras set in Harappa, Benaras and Paris and linking the past and present flawlessly.

The plot begins on a suspenseful note and revolves around ‘Vidyut’ who is half human and half god!
The author has wonderfully potrayed the scenario of Harappan civilization with acts such as exorcism and black magic prevalent.

The saga is brimming with mystery, passion, thrill and excitement. However, as the intensity of interest of readers peaks to maximum, the tale ends leaving the readers craving for more!

The narration is gripping and engaging with facts and fantasy combined beautifully, language is easy and lucid and characterization is done quite well.

However, the repetition of same sentences and statements, spelling and grammar errors and printing mistakes might dishearten the readers.

The cover is attractive, intense and beautifully crafted, title is signifying historical aspect of the saga and blurb couldn’t do justice to what lies inside the book.

I would like to rate it as 4.3 out 5. Certainly recommend to all bibliophiles out there…

“A simple tale of love and friendship!”

“”It’s Got to be Love” by Prashant Kaul is an elementary love story with amalgamation of a lot of emotions!

It’s a straightforward tale revolving around the protagonist Dev and his buddies Amrish and . The love of his life Vani comes into picture and will he get her in the end?

Inspite of the simplicity the of plot, there are a lot of complications which are highlighted wonderfully in the story.

The language is easy and lucid with a bit hurried narration. However, the characterization is done quite well and I found all the characters relatable. Also, the depiction of love, friendship and hardships is remarkable!

Nevertheless, the grammatical and punctuation errors were many. Owing to that, I would like to rate the book as 3.4 out of 5. Recommend to all romance lovers.

A well plotted self help book!

“The Hidden Spark” by Vikas Trivedi and Smita Agarwal is a self – help and inspirational book.

The book is capable of igniting ‘The Hidden Spark’ inside all it’s readers. The book talks about various ways of achieving success and happiness in all rounds of life, positive thinking, power of subconscious mind, strength of visualization, methods and techniques to achieve them and the success stories of various people, the readers, who have benefitted from the wisdom and practical knowledge of the authors!

The book is quite well written, with an organised way of presenting the ideas and techniques, motivational thoughts and quotations and tales of success at the end of each chapter. The thoughts and ideas presented by the authors are indeed commendable!

The language is easy, smooth and perfectly understandable with a few grammatical errors, and a great style of writing.

The cover is attractive, title catchy and motivational with a short, concise and crisp blurb.

I would like to rate it as 4 out 5 owing to the grammatical and printing errors.
A must read for everyone as the book has a lot to offer it’s readers.

Get your copy from https://www.amazon.in/Hidden-Spark-Vikas-Trivedi-Smita-Agarwal/dp/B0754732GG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1506344378&sr=8-1&keywords=the+hidden+spark

A great guide for financial management!

“Zero Debt : Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life” by Neeraj Deginal is a remarkably well written book!

It’s a wonderful guide to manage personal finances and lead a stress free life on account of financial outcomes.
The book deals with various experiences of the author throughout his life and the lessons learned from them thereby, guiding the readers about practical and effective ways to manage personal finances.

The author talks about why and how modernization is leading to increasing debt cycles, more and more credit to maintain social status and methodologies to overcome it.

It’s a fine book, written in an easy and lucid language, with an appropriate sequencing of his experiences and lessons learned and ways to deal with debt and live a life free from worries about financial expenses.

Overall, I would like to rate it as 4.2 out of 5. Certainly recommend to everyone who would like to learn financial management from a basic level!

A teenage romance fiction!

“Once in a Lifetime Happens Again” by Lovely Kumari is predictable, relatable and a light-headed read!

The plot revolves around a teenage boy Ashwin who falls head over heels in love with someone however, his love goes unrequited and the cycle proceeds again!
The storyline is usual and typically teenage romantic fiction. The narration is fine except for countless grammatical and punctuation errors. It distracts the readers quite often.
The language is easy and flowy with a strong characterization. However, at places I felt the book lacked depth but it’s an entertaining read nevertheless.
The title is interesting and catchy, drawing the readers towards itself but the cover is attractive though somewhat misleading.

I would like to rate it as 3 out of 5. Recommend to all the readers who’d like to read light, one time teenage romance…

received_1795203740507029.jpgTitle: Kalki

Author: Kevin Missal

Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP

ISBN-13: 9788193503300

Number of pages: 462

What created your interest in the world of writing?? Or what inspired you to become an author?
Ans: This question has two parts and I mean to answer them one by one. The interest in writing started from the age of twelve. Before that I used to play with action figures, creating stories out of them. When I read my first book, an unabridged version of the classic “Oliver Twist” by Mr. Dickens, I began to see an alternate way of telling my stories. Nothing really inspired me except for the movies I used to watch and get moved by the stories that used to entice me. Well “Oliver Twist” is what built by interest but it was Rick Riordan who made me want to be a writer. 
2. What are your expectations from the literary world??
Ans: I have no expectations from it. I like being part of it. It’s not a clean industry, I would say and you need to get on people’s heads to get them to work. But it’s fun. 
Get your copy from…

A gripping mystery thriller!

“Colours of Passion” by Sourabh Mukherjee is an intriguing, suspenseful and page turning novel which makes the readers’ heart palpitate with thrill and excitement!
With an exceptionally well crafted plot loaded with elements of mystery, suspense, drama and emotions, the book becomes hard to put down. The plot revolves around murder mystery of an actress Hiya Sen, her husband Manav Chauhan, who happens to be an industrialist, Agni who is investigating her case and other interesting characters like Neha Awasthi, Rituja Bose etc who add sheen to the storyline.
It’s an extremely gripping story with twists and turns at each corner, leaving the readers craving for more. The narration is fluent with easy, lucid language and great characterisation.
The cover and blurb of the book are eye-catching, interest arousing and upto the mark. I found the title quite apt and justified.
Overall, it’s a great book which will entertain you to the core apart from making a lasting impression on your hearts!
I would like to rate it as 4.1 out of 5! Certainly recommend.