A much needed beautiful guide to a happier life!

“Life is What Matters: It’s time to be happy again” by Alka Dixit is an incredibly inspiring creative non-fiction tale of a girl!

The books talks about ways to lead a happy life, to fulfill your life’s dream, importance of smile and other little overlooked mantras of a successful and joyful life.

The author has beautiful penned down the book in a non-preachy way, covering the essential aspects of an inspirational life, brimming with positivity and motivation.

The language is easily understandable, lucid and motivating. The book is divided into various parts – A, B, C and the author has divided each part into different sub topics and points, thereby making it quite effective and efficient.

I didn’t find the cover suitable or much attractive. It’s simple and doesn’t give a hint about the book. Blurb is concise and very well written. Title is indeed inspiring and would make the readers want to pick up the book

I would like to rate it as 4.3/5.

Overall, a much required book in today’s chaotic and stressful times!


A heart-wrenching tale of pure love, courage, resilience and a spirit of never giving up!

“A New Dawn” by Kamini Kusum is a gut-wrenching story of courage and resilience!

The plot revolves around protagonists Shravan and Mugdha, who despite the differences in their social statuses fell in love with each other. However, as they say, ‘life is what happens to you when you are busy planning something else’, destiny has something else in store for them. It’s an emotional journey that Shravan and Mugdha undergo with grit and determination.

The author has wonderfully portrayed human emotions, thoughts and feelings. The author has brought out the harsh reality of life and facing the hurdles with courage and strength. The essence of the book lies in the spirit of “never giving up.”

Narration and description is done flawlessly with minor glitches here and there. The plot and storyline is well presented. Characterization is done equally well, offering insight to the readers to know and understand the characters.

Language and vocabulary is fine. The author has used general, simple and easy English with a few vernacular words like ‘namaste’, ‘verandah’, ‘aloo’, ‘vaid ji’. This adds to the effectiveness of thoughts and emotions going on in a particular scenario.

Nevertheless, the typos, grammatical errors and punctuation marks were unavoidable. Editing needs improvisation. The print quality requires improvement too as it is straining and unattractive to go through such small print.

I found the cover quite suitable and attractive, hinting at the love story and army backdrop of the tale. Blurb was average, concise and crisp. Title does justice to the story lying inside the book and is inspiring and brimming with positivity.

Overall, a great tale about reality of life and facing the hurdles heat a belief of “never giving up!”

A suspenseful murder mystery bound to intrigue and enthrall the readers to the core!

Behind the Scenes: A Vikram Rana Series” by Sharmishtha Shenoy is a mind-boggling, intriguing and suspenseful tale inspired by Agatha Christie’s books!

The plot was build meticulously, keeping the essentials of a murder mystery in mind. The fine detailing, vividness of description and slow and steady development of storyline is admirable.

The plot thickens around Ryan Gomez, a dimming star of Bengal Cinema. He is murdered by poisoning and suspects are many. The list of suspects includes his wife, director of the film, producer of the film, screenplay writer etc. Vikram Rana, along with a cop investigates the case.
The plot is crooked and full of twists and turns, allowing the readers to wrack their brains at each page. There are layers behind the crime and as the mystery unfolds, the readers are left craving for more!

The narration was crisp, vivid and detailed. However, the ending seemed a little abrupt to me. Not only the ending of the tale was somewhat predictable, but the sudden solution of the mystery disappointed me a bit. Nevertheless, as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, the readers could feel the satisfaction coursing through their minds.

The author has brought various human emotions like love, lust, hunger, anger and vengeance to surface.

Overall, an interesting thriller for crime fiction lovers. Certainly recommended to all the readers out there!

A warm, fun-filled, joyful collection of work-related incidents!

“65 Colours of Rainbow” by Smit Kapila is a unique, refreshing collection of 65 little tales or rather incidents infused with humor and warmth!

The book contains 65 such short stories, where the author has tried to bring out funny, heart-warming work related incidents.

Well, nothing extraordinary, but, ordinary incidents, retold in a pleasing manner. The purpose of this book, according to the author is “to make you understand how to extract happiness, pleasure and joy from day to day incidents that take place around you at the workplace and how that can turn your workplace into a fun place.”
The author comes from IT background and amongst all the stress, tension and pressure prevailing over the corporate workplace, this is author’s effort to lighten the mood, brighten your heart and cheer up your spirit with his collection of warm, fuzzy short stories.
Each tale is adorned with caricatures based on real life, which added sheen and multiplied my interest manifold to go through the book. Being a light and humor-based entertainer, illustrations served as a vital element of the book, making it even more interesting and appealing to wider group of readers.

“65 Colours of Rainbow” is suitable for a wide range of readers and even non-readers as it’s a light read, requires no heavy reading, is a quick, short and warm collection of stories.

As I went through each and every account described by the author, I felt as though it’s a light, everyday chit – chat between colleagues over a cup of coffee and exchange of warmth, happiness and humor. It seemed raw, unprocessed, emnating directly from author’s heart.

However, some stories seemed too bland and failed to touch my heart. In other words, they seemed forced or made-up.

The language thus, was simple, lucid and easy going. Narration was crisp and consice. The title of each tale aroused special interest in me. They were smartly chosen and reflected incidents of workplace. Fortunately, I didn’t find much grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes.

To be honest, I found the cover simply average. It couldn’t do justice to the heart touching objective of author to resurface hilarious, joyful incidents of corporate world.

Infact, it was way too general, without any incidication of what lies inside. Title was cheerful, colorful and certainly attractive. Blurb was well written too, giving a slight indication of real-life, work-related, fun-filled incidents.

This is author’s wonderful step towards countering the stress and strain of corporate world and is a great read for both avid readers and non-readers!

A well plotted, intelligent fantasy novel!

“Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium” by Rajamayyoor Sharma is one of it’s kind of a book!

A delightful fantasy, so unique and captivating, that it engrosses and glues the readers from the beginning.

I have been disappointed by a few Indian fantasy authors however, Rajamayyoor Sharma totally stood upto my expectations, or even beyond the expectations.

The plot is woven meticulously, with fine detailing, vivid imagination and picturization, intelligent thinking and great selection of words!

The storyline revolves around Azmoq, which is a powerful and the rarest metal on the planet. It’s the ultimate source and symbol of real power, controlled by Valantian Imperium, which is a world similar to our own, yet as different as you can fathom.
Age of Azmoq is the story of fear and revolution between men of godly powers and commoners. This is a fantasy laced with action, drama, imagination, rumors, revolution and power.

The narration and describing is indeed exceptional with footnotes provided at the bottom which prove to be really helpful. The maps and illustrations certainly enhanced the interest to read the book quickly. Being a massive read, the book may seem to drag an lag at times, but the fervour at which the book gains pace hooks the readers till the end.

Language is rich, lucid and easy going. Title is eye – catching, unique and would want the readers to pick up the book and know what lies inside. Blurb is consice and well written, but disappointed me a bit, for being somewhat vague and lacking excitement.
Cover is attractive, imaginative and would certainly arouse curiosity in readers’ minds to delve into “Age of Azmoq.”

I would like to rate it as 4.4 out of 5.

Overall, a well plotted, fantasy tale that would grab the attention of readers and engross them till the end!

A collection of seventy three artistic, heart – touching pieces of poetry!

“Solitude and Other Obsessions” by five contributing poets – Uma, Binod, Trupti, Shruti and Saurin is a soul – stirring collection of seventy three poems!

Intially, I was skeptical about reading and reviewing a poetry collection as I am not much of a poetry reader and prefer prose over it. However, this simple yet powerful bundle of poems left a lasting impression on my mind.

Ranging from natural beauty to a soldier’s voice, human emotions to reflections of a man, these poems span over a wide variety of themes and topics. Each poet has own style of expression and presentation. Some of the poems touched sensitive social issues and were deep, serious, meaningful and thought-provoking.
The poems string at love, sorrow and heartbreak experienced by every member of our species of mankind.

The language was simple, easy and smooth. A few poems lacked poetic essense and failed to make an impact on readers like me.
And some of the poems touched the deepest chords of my heart.

“A restless soul” by Uma Sudhindra, “My reflections” by Binod Panda, “The caged bird flies” by Trupti Kalamdani, “All that matters” by Dr. Shruti Arabatti and “Solitude” by Saurin Desai particularly appealed to me.

The myriad emotions that the poems evoked for they span different genres, styles, emotions, time and places, rendered me a poetry lover!

The cover painting is abstract, artistic and sober. Title and blurb seemed mediocre.

I would like to rate it as 3.3 out of 5.0.
Recommend to poetry lovers!

A fascinating journey into the world of dark arts, mystics and ultimate divine!

“Reminiscences OF A Seeker: Dark Face Of A White World” by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is a fascinating account of author’s true experiences with spiritual world!

The book being a true story, fascinates and takes the readers into dark and unbelievable world of mystics, spirituality and dark arts.

The plot opens with author’s yearning for a true spiritual master, however the author is plunged deep into the vortex of tantric powers, dark arts and paranormal world of sadhus and aghoris.

His journey through the unforseen, extraordinary circumstances intrigue the readers and glue the readers completely.

The book deals with supernatural elements anf incidents which seem unbelievable. To embark on this journey with the author, the readers need to believe, have faith in spiritualism.

The author has flawlessly narrated the events, fascinating and thrilling the readers immensely. At times, certain parts got dragged a bit too much, but the overall suspense helped it get overshadowed.

The book deals with powerful themes like student-teacher relationship, it’s boundaries, the occult world of supernatural and dark arts, practised by yogis and aghoris. The author talks about how the events pulled him in a world of drama, suspense, greed, betrayal, struggle, strength and HOPE. And most importantly, the strength and inspiration to get out of the dark world towards light.

The glossary provided at the end proved really helpful in understanding the book. Language is inspiring and lucid. Characterization is done well, and being a true account, characters seemed to come to life.

The title hints towards the mystical and spiritual account contained in the book, cover is simple yet powerful and attractive. It connects with author’s journey from the dark world to the illuminated white world. Blurb is well written and consice.
I would like to rate it as 4.0 out of 5.0.

Overall, a gripping, real story of author’s pursuit of ultimate divine!

An action packed journey through AQSON level 1, full of twists and turns!

“Aqson Level 1” by Sreejib is a thrilling and gripping fantasy tale!

The plot is brimming with myriad elements, of fantasy, mythology, action and politics!
The storyline revolves around AQSON which is a game being played between God and Satan (Lucifer) for a time period of 30 years.
The objective of the game is to win or get the post of prime minister of India with the help of angels and weapons of each team. The story is set in Delhi and Kolkata.
The theme of the book is multi- layered, multi- dimensional and multi- faceted. The novel discusses some of the problems prevalent in India in a fascinating manner.

The characters are strong, powerful and relatable. They depict friendship, immense bonding and closeness with each other. Toya, Yuvrani, Ollie, Rahul and other characters touch the hearts of the readers.

The narration is detailed, minute and flawless. The vividness of description spellbinds the readers and one can picturize and imagine the situation as described by the author.

Language is lucid, smooth, with Bengali words and conversation, but fortunately along with translations. Vocabulary is rich and apt.

The theme and plot is well built, with twists and turns, action, magic, mythology, fantasy and politics. The reality of the nation, current scenario and problems are depicted covertly.
Moreover, the author has emphasised the contribution of youth in nation building in the book.

To balance the seriousness of the book, the author has infused humor, thrill and suspense in the tale, hooking the readers till the end.

However, at points, I found the story a little confusing, acronyms and short forms difficult to remember and made me flip the pages back.

The cover of the book is certainly eye-catching, attractive. Title, seemed somewhat abstract and mysterious to me, but eventually, the mystery is solved. Blurb was consice and hinted at the story lying inside in a brief manner.

Overall, a thrilling experience! Recommend to all bibliophiles out there…

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An action packed tale of courage and patriotism!

“Shaheen Must Die” by Captain Rakesh Walia is an intense, intriguing and courageous account of an army officer!

The plot is weaved meticulously, which is powerful like waves lapping at you, drawing you in the vortex of suspense, mystery, strength and emotions.

‘Shaheen Must Die’ is the story of the protagonist, captain Rakesh Walia, his son Mohit, Shaheen, the most enigmatic character, col.Parashar, his friend Arijit set against an army background.
Though the names of main characters are just as same as in real life of the author, this is a complete work of fiction.
The storyline completely absorbs the readers from the beginning and takes them on an emotional ride, through twists and turns, gripping and spell bounding the readers on the way.
Immense patriotism is reflected by the way author is penned down this book.
Though it may sound odd, but I found a bit of connection, some sort of similarity between ‘Shaheen Must Die’ bollywood movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Other readers might differ as there were plenty of dissimilarities too.

The language was simple and lucid, narration and author’s style of storytelling was smooth and easy going.
Characterization was done really well, with unforgettable characters, brought out so vividly in the readers’ minds.

The cover of the book impressed me. It’s sufficient to arouse curiosity as to know more about the tale. It’s attractive and suits the storyline.
The blurb was average, brief and consice, with a scope for improvement.
Title, ‘Shaheen Must Die’ is catchy, suspenseful and perfectly suitable for the book!

Overall, a well written contemporary fiction, containing romance, action, emotions, thrill and above all, courage, bravery and patriotism!

A collection of myriad heart-warming tales!

“Story wallah” by Kumar Ganesan is heart -warming collection of fourteen little tales.

The stories are beautifully crafted, each one inspired directly or indirectly from author’s real life experiences.

The tales are written on wide variety of themes, some extremely strong and powerful, depicting hard – hitting, bitter truths of our society like ‘Make Up & Made Up’.
The tales are capable of catching the attention of readers and leading them to read each and every short, crisp and realistic tale with enthusiasm.
Moreover, a few stories aim at breaking down walls of ignorance and busting myths and notions formed in our society. ‘Real Men Cry’ is one such tale which I loved immensely for it’s emotional and powerful impact.
Also, some of the tales like ‘Pushpak Express’ happened to be eye – openers and the essence of all the stories deeply etched in minds of readers like me.
‘I, Me and Pemba’ was an inspiring tale and the author has penned down his fears, thoughts and emotions in the story in a subtle way.
Other stories were interesting, thought provoking and unique!
Memoirs like ‘Malligai Poo Maami’ portrayed author’s keen observations and detailed description.
Rest of the stories were equally well written, gripping and seemed to form a bond with the readers.

According to me, the most exciting part of the book was wonderful illustrations and sketches on each page. They enhanced my speed and enthusiasm to read the book manifold.
The stories also contained great quotations to inspire the readers.

The language and vocabulary was good enough and a lot of vernacular words, phrases and sentences, including Tamil and Hindi were used. It would have been better if the author provided a glossary of these words.
Narration was simplistic, natural and realistic, making the book an easy read.
Nevertheless, plenty of errors including spelling mistakes, typing or printing mistakes and grammatical errors disappointed me.
I found the cover too simple but the illustrations contained in the book balances that. Title is quirky and blurb talks about the book and stories briefly.

Overall, it’s a bunch of myriad stories on varied themes which are enthralling, inspiring and down-to-earth with little or no drama.