A beautiful, inspiring, heart touching, romantic read!

“Inside the heart of hope” by Rishabh Puri is bound to leave you touched, inspired and yearning for more!

The plot revolves around Rick who inspite of suffering from a congenital heart disease, tries to make the most of life. His courage, perseverance, hopefulness and optimism touches the bottom of readers’ hearts. With support and motivation from his family and friends, he tries to live fully and make up for his lost childhood. Eventually, love blooms in his life and he is afraid to lose it. Will she leave him? Or stand through thick and thin along with him?

The cover simply amazed me with a perfect title “Inside the heart of hope!” The blurb is interesting, inspiring and eye catching. Together, they create a beautiful combination with an even better storyline with soft, simple language, slow to medium pace and a wonderful and inspiring message at the end!

I would like to rate it as 3.8 out of 5.

Highly recommended to all book lovers! You won’t regret it…

A fun filled, adventurous, non intense, travelogue!

Colorful notions” by Mohit Goyal is nice, captivating story of three childhood friends who decide to take a road trip across India!

The storyline is perfect with fun, food, travel and adventure. The plot is a a great amalgamation of fun, friendship, relationships and misunderstandings too. The narration or description of the places visited by the protagonists is vivid, engaging and exciting nevertheless, it lacked depth!

Inspite of being a quirky, adventurous ride with a beautifully crafted plot, it couldn’t touch the depth of my heart. The torrential flow describing the lovely places left me flabbergasted. The author couldn’t bring out the emotions or feelings of the characters even though the theme is absolutely enticing and interesting.

The cover is satisfactory, hinting what the book is all about with caricatures and blurb makes the readers crave for more than what the book could provide!

Overall, I would like to rate it as 3 out of 5.

Go for it if you are looking for a light, non intense, fun, adventure and travelogue sort of book!

A wonderful guidebook with golden principles for success and happiness!

Not everyday you come across something as moving and motivating as “Principles of Success Made Easy” by Roopleen!

This wonderful, life altering manual consists of fourteen golden principles which are sure to take you a step closer to your dreams and goals.

The book is begins on an inspiring note where the author talks about taking life “Head On!”
The fourteen principles mentioned in the book are so comprehensive and relevant that the readers are mesmerized by the author’s efforts.
With the potential to make a difference in each and every one’s life, this guidebook is a storehouse of positivity, motivation and inspiration.

This is the first non fiction book I am reviewing and I must say I am awed by the author’s words! The book is so compelling and powerful that it draws you towards life’s simple yet greatest principles for success and happiness!

The principles are wide ranging, with each chapter compactly described under various subtitles and important points! Furthermore, the readers are inspired and motivated by infusion of various motivational quotations, comprehensive matter and key points in each chapter which are exceedingly apt, relevant, practical in day today life and easy to follow!

I would certainly rate this book 5 out of 5!

Readers, if you seek a rich life full of positivity, inspiration, happiness, success, strength and motivation you simply can’t afford to miss it!

A unique, thrilling crime fiction book!

“Con Kabir” is a unique, thrilling read!

An intriguing, mysterious and electrifying book, “Con Kabir” is one of its kind. It’s a crime thriller book where the plot revolves around two childhood friends, Kabir and Ali from India and Pakistan resp. They both resolve to bring peace and root out evil and corruption from the society. Nevertheless, the paths they follow to accomplish their mission is opposite of one another. Where Kabir becomes an agent in Indian Government, Ali turns out to be a terrorist. Con Kabir reveals what happens in lives of these two friends who are walking on paths opposite to each other. Various robberies take place and con men rob rich people in different and unique ways.
The settings of the storyline is perfect with all the essential elements of a crime​ fiction in place. The real facts depicted and research by the author is praiseworthy. The author did not give his identity which intrigued me.

The book is engaging, thrilling and keeps the readers hooked till the very end, however the narration becomes a bit monotonous and streched in the middle. The last few chapters are the most interesting, satisfying and engaging as they reveal the suspense and mystery behind all the robberies and secrets. It gives the readers a different and real view point about what terrorism actually is and what goes on which remains hidden from general public.

Overall, it’s a fast paced, page turning thriller. The cover is a mediocre though the title is apt and eye catching.

I would like to rate it as 3.7 out of 5.

An interesting read for crime fiction and suspense lovers! I would like to recommend it to all the readers.

A beautiful, poetic tale!

“The Moon In The Sun” is an extraordinary tale set in poetry…

Rarely, one comes across something so magnificent that strikes a chord deep inside your heart and stirs your soul! “The moon in the sun” is one such fine book. It’s a ballad i.e. a tale described in poetic form in small stanzas which enhance the reading experience manifold.

The storyline consists of Narayan Sambhan who gets hired by a forest officer (chief forest conservator) as he wants someone who knows forests well and can help him take photographs of tigers. Narayan Sambhan becomes fascinated by tigers and the story continues establishing parallelism between Narayan Sambhan’s life and tiger’s life.
Also, the book throws light upon how forests are being cut mercilessly and tigers’ habits is invaded by humans. Indeed, a heart warming and thought provoking story!

The plot is wonderful, with smooth, easy, flowing narration, language easy to comprehend with a beautiful selection of words.
The scenes depicted are quite vivid filling the readers with bliss, sheer joy and peace. It also provides the readers with adventurous, mind blowing, adrenaline rushing experinces which only nature and forests can bestow upon mankind. The theme of the story particularly appealed to me as saving the remaining forests and issues of deforestation is the need of the hour.

The cover and title are both mesmerising, enticing readers to pick up the book and lose yourself in serenic, peaceful beauty of jungle and nature. The poetic form certainly enhances the reading experience.

I would like to rate it as 4 out of 5.

I recommend this book to all readers but it’s a must read for poetry lovers.

A short, engaging and suspenseful read!

“White Smoke” by Nikhil Mahajan is one of the most interesting, engaging and page turning read!
The plot revolves around Virat, who stumbled upon a picture of a girl in a book while reading in library and became very possessive about it. In order to find more about the girl in the picture, he came across shocking truths and secrets.

The author has done a marvelous job of linking another part of the story dealing with police and CID investigation of gory murders of two well off, rich families. Interestingly, there seems to be a connection between the murders and the girl in the picture.

Meanwhile, the story of Mahi and Arjun runs simultaneously adding spice to the storyline. The intertwining of these three stories is done flawlessly!

Beginning from the cover, it’s very attractive and enticing and the title “White Smoke” immediately grabs readers’ attention. The plot is tightly woven, without any loopholes, engaging, thrilling and surprising the readers on every page.

The suspense is unbearable and the the secrets revealed leave the readers dumbstruck! This wonderful piece of contemporary fiction also leaves a message for youngsters. Since, the issues of love, life, friendship, hatred, deceit and trust are infused here in a beautifully crafted tale, it also shows the right way to youngsters!

Finally, I would like to congratulate the author for penning down such a heart touching tale which every youngster can relate to. Offering everything a reader could ask for, this book will glue the readers to it’s pages.

I would like to rate it as 4.5 out of 5.

I certainly recommend it to all the bibliophiles out there…

A mystical, romantic fairy tale!

“Parrot Under the Pine Tree” by Surendra Pratap Singh is mystical, romantic fairy tale!

Set amidst the lap of Himalayas is a beautiful, little village known as Kausani where the love story of Vedanta and Saranga flourishes.

Ved goes to Kausani in search of a soulmate and a stranger predicts his “quest” and leaves him in an emotional turmoil.

Eventually, Ved meets Sara and falls in love with her even though Sara wanted some time to make up her mind. Then as the story unfolds, they marry and have a child, Dhruv. After a while, due to lack of excitement or fading of spark between their relationship, Ved commits adultery which drifts them apart and shatters Sara’s heart.

Will Kausani reunite them? Will Ved receive Sara’s forgiveness? Can their relationship be rebuilt?

A beautiful heart touching tale of Ved and Sara, and the wonderful description makes the scenes of Kausani so vivid and enchanting! The place has been described with smooth, flowy narration and lucid language.

Moreover, the author has penned down the emotions and human nature very captivatingly and the expression of love is worth admiring.

Except for a few irrelevant characters, I found the book mesmerising and certainly worth a read. The cover and title also entices the readers but as the old saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

So, I would like to rate the book as 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to all the readers…

A heart warming, astounding, psychological thriller!

“Just a few Lies” by Sandeep Sharma is a mind blowing psychological, thriller novel. It left me totally spellbound!

The plot revolves around an author “Anant Raj” who suffers from anxiety and hallucinations. Unable to finish his stories, he is caught up in the whirlwind where it’s hard to distinguish fiction from reality.

His search for ‘next Anant’ begins who could take forward his legacy and then comes “Sagarika” into picture who is a blogger and a fan of the author “Anant'”.
Then, there is Raman, his publisher friend whose friendship with Anant turns topsy turvy and the author has infused elements of romance with his wife Kavya.

The story is quite unique, unexpected and unusual in the genre. The plot is racy, fast -paced, and intriguing, though is a bit lagging in the initial few pages.
The climax will leave the readers astounding and satisfied.

The author’s selection of words and vocabulary is indeed praiseworthy. The heart warming, motivational​ quotes used by the author will inspire all aspiring writers and readers.

The cover is a bit dull nevertheless, the title is very catchy and logical. All in all, it’s a tale of love, true love, friendship, betrayal, suspense, thrill and mystery!
Except for a few editing errors, the book is a must read for all bibliophiles. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and certainly recommend it to everyone…

A short, superb, fun-filled book!

“On the Moon, between the Stars” is a fun – filled, interesting and hard to put down novel!
With an eye catching cover and thought provoking title, it’s an attractive book.
A lovely, light – headed story of Mickesh Roy betwitched with the beauty of a pretty girl Gauri. He tries out all the tricks and pranks to make Gauri fall in love with him. His constant efforts to woo Gauri make the readers giggle and smile simultaneously.
The author has done a great job in creating a beautiful fable of an average Indian guy making endeavors to make a girl fall head over heals in love with him.
It’s funny, humorous, jovial and strikes a chord deep inside the heart of readers. It’s a short read, and the way author has penned down this amazing tale makes it extremely engaging and interesting. The language is lucid, narration is flowy and the plot both humorous and gripping. Though a bit predictable, the book is indeed fun and worth reading.
This amusing , gripping , engaging , romantic love story is something all youngsters can relate to and thus, is a must read for all book lovers.
I certainly recommend it to everyone…

“KARMA” by Kevin Missal is sure to give you goosebumps!

A heart – stopping, page turning read! It’s a thrilling and electrifying story where Karma Malik’s wife Urvi comes back to life after being dead for eight long years! Spooky, isn’t it?

Urvi, after coming back to life turns into a ‘rakshas’ murdering people and creating heinous crimes. She extracts vengeance from the people who made her suffer when she was alive. Karman realizes that and tries to stop the killings but he becomes the suspect behind those murders.

A mind – boggling, page turning, paranormal thriller which shook me till the core. It’s filled with suspense, mystery, horror, romance, crime and various emotions expressed beautifully by the author. What more could a reader want?!

With it’s lucid language, smooth narration and tight plot, suspense could hardly be greater. I absolutely loved it for being such a quick, fast paced, thrilling, horror story entertaining it’s readers immensely.

I certainly recommend it to all the readers out there to have a fresh, exotic experience of reading this amazing tale “KARMA” which is sure to leave you spellbound!