A collection of “remarkable” quotations for a positive life!

‘From Regular to Remarkable: 365 Motivational Quotes for a Positive Life’ by Dr.Roopleen is an inspiring collection of quotations.

After having read other titles like ‘And so can you!’ and ‘Principles of success made easy’, I was ready for another shot of inspiration and motivation.

The book contains words of wisdom and encouragement segregated based on different themes like goals, mindset, confidence, dreams, purpose, patience and many more.

365 quotes on myriad themes offer positivity for each day of the year in beautiful and captivating words.

As it is rightly said, “words have the power to make things happen”, these quotes instill belief, faith and enthusiasm for a positive perspective on life.

Overall, a powerful collection of wise words for everyday boost!


A beautiful tale about love and life, penned with depth and thought!

‘When Least Expected: A love story’ by Jisha Rajesh a beautiful tale of love, loss and miracles of life.

The plot opens with the protagonist Chetana having an angry argument with her teenage daughter.
The story later moves on to the loneliness and sadness engulfing Chetana and how her distant relationship with her husband and daughter negatively impacts her mindset and she decides to give up on her life when Elizabeth Thomas shows a ray of hope to her, by suggesting her a solo trip to Goa.
The trip takes a major turn in her life and adds a twist to the tale and readers by introducing Sam who adds charm and spark in Chetana’s life. But, is he for real or a merely imaginary companion of Chetana’s mind?

The story touches themes of love, longing, loneliness, relationships, hardships of life and miracles of life.
Narration and description is vivid and imaginative with a picturesque quality. Language is simple and lucid with casual and easy going vocabulary. Characterisation is done well with realistic and honest characters portrayed before readers which readers can relate and understand deeply.
Nevertheless, at places, I found the writing getting monotonous and a little too stretched.

I found the cover a little too bland however, the title is simply apt and perfectly justified with a dash of suspense.
Blurb is precise and concise alluring readers towards the story.

Overall, an engaging tale depicting multiple facets of life and miracles of life !

A collection of thought-provoking original tales, depicting the downside of our society and beliefs!

‘Stories of Us’ by Bobby Sachdeva is a collection of assorted unique tales.

The book consists of 41 short tales, each one bound to stir a chord deep inside readers’ hearts.
The tales depict common beliefs and perceptions of our society in an engaging manner, while simultaneously, inspiring the readers to question the belief system.

The stories are crisp and original with a hard-hitting truth and irony of our society and lives portrayed dramatically.
The themes are myriad ranging from politics to poverty, euthanasia to relationships, humanity to religion and many others.

I found some of the tales grim and thought-provoking, while others, ironical and shocking. But, most importantly, the stories make the readers accept the flaws in our society and prevalent beliefs and questions the common perceptions, thereby urging the readers to wake up and modify our thoughts for better lives.

Despite a good effort to pen down the stories, I found the writing a little too brief and curt. Some of the tales end quite abruptly.
However, the author has a knack for writing and provides readers with an authentic portrayal of our lives.

Narration and description is crisp and concise with a vivid quality. Language is smooth and lucid with a few phrases of hindi that can be found here and there, adding an Indian touch to the tales.
Nevertheless, I found a few grammatical errors here and there which I overlooked.

Each story begins with an illustration or artistic sketch, adding a little more charm to the book. Questions towards the end of each tale further grips the readers and tug at their heartstrings.

I found the cover vibrant and artistic, pointing towards the diverse themes of the tales. Title is apt and justified. Blurb is precise and well written.

Overall, an engaging and thoughtful collection of unique tales!

A beautiful self help book for physical, mental and spiritual well being!

‘Happiness Is All We Want’ by Ashutosh Mishra is a very well written self help book.

The book is a practical tool for people looking for happiness in terms of – physical, mental and spiritual well being.

What sets this book apart from the crowd of various self help books is it’s ability to integrate with each and every reader’s individual life objectives.

The book discussed varied topics and issues associated with our daily lives and how to inculcate happiness and peace for overall improvement of our lives. Moreover, the author talks about why to read this book and how to use this book for a richer experience.

I found the content thoroughly researched and well expressed with various experiences described, giving it a personal touch.
Despite, elaborate description, the key points given at the end of each chapter in the form of ‘Things to Ponder’ and ‘Things to Do’ heightened my interest.
Moreover, I found the titles at the beginning of each chapter quite unique and quirky, for instance – ‘The restless monkey’, ‘The body or the Donkey?’ and so on.

With a quite detailed narration and description, I found the book a little drag here and there. Language and vocabulary is refined and lucid.
Practical tip in each chapter enhanced reading interest and little anecdotes and personal stories kept me engaged throughout.

Overall, a well written book encompassing varied aspects of happiness!

Happiness in your skin – for a holistic, peaceful & blissful life

‘Happiness in Your Skin’ by Amarvani is a self help book meant to steer your towards happiness through your course of life.

The book beautifully brings out the utmost and highest ideal of human existence – happiness. It talkes about importance of happiness, understanding happiness and sources of happiness to begin with.

The highlights of each of the eighteen chapters is depicted in bold letters and chapter summary for a crisp and concise impact.

The book is practical, noteworthy and remarkably well organized which not only interests the readers, but makes them ponder and realize the utmost priority in life.

Concepts like self love and actualization, spreading happiness, peace, tranquility and mindfulness are discussed along with interactive activity and diagrams presented in the book. Measuring happiness is another exciting concept introduced to readers.

Overall, a brilliant work with great ideas, interesting concepts and inspiring words from various great philosophers!

An adventurous science fiction tale for all readers!

‘Earth to Centauri: Black Hole Oblivion: One Ship. One Crew. No Escape.’ by Kumar L is the third and by far the most exciting book in the series!

The plot is thrilling and adventurous with a new twist in the tale. Captain Anara has to deal with yet another mishap.
The plot discusses the most interesting and enigmatic concepts including : Black hole.
The astrophysical aspects are dealt with utmost simplicity, clarity and engagement.

Literary aspects like characterisation and plotline is awe-inspiring like other two books in the series.
The characters like captain Anara inspire, engage and keep the readers hanging on the edge of the cliff till the very end.
Language is refined and lucid with vivid and imaginative picturization and visualisation. Narration and description is fast paced and intriguing.

The creative visualisation, a perfect balance between existing, actual astrophysical facts and vivid imaginative appealed to me tremendously. Moreover, the humane approach and sense of responsibility depicted by the protagonist is remarkably well portrayed.

Overall, a hooking science fiction tale, bound to entertain, engage and thrill the readers till the end.

A unique, imaginative and creatively illustrated book!

‘Blahman and The Attack Of The Wicked Zombies’ by Srijan Kabra is an entertaining illustrated book for children.

The theme of the tale is zombie apocalypse with humor and fun added to it. The book is illustrated throughout with doodles and illustrations, drawing the kids more towards it.

It’s a story about two friends – Aven and Steven, superhero Blahman ( none other than Steven ) and their classmates. The fun begins when a mosquito is killed by them and story takes an interesting turn.

It’s a short and crisp tale, full of imagination, super powers, vivid picturization, science fiction and fun. A brief introduction of the superhero enhances the reading experience.

The tale being written by a child author, depicts childish imagination, short and fun-filled storyline and attractive illustrations.

The last chapter and quiz towards the end of the book were engaging and added charm and enhanced the fun of entire reading experience, especially from a child’s point of view.

Overall, an interesting and imaginative tale from a brilliant child writer!

A collection of unique and fascinating microfiction tales!

‘Small is Big – Volume 3′ by Rafaa Dalvi is an endearing book of microfiction tales.

The book contains 100 microfiction tales, each one brilliant in its own way.
The micro tales are based on a wide variety of themes including love, romance, hope, fear, sacrifice, marriage and many more.

The tales evoke myriad emotions in readers’ minds as some tales are hilarious, some thrilling, some thought- provoking, and some shocking.

It’s a beautiful book, easy to read but difficult to digest as it contains an impactful collection of microfiction tales bound to linger in your mind forever.

Language and vocabulary is simple and lucid. Author has created beautiful micro tales using minimum words, making it an absolute delight to read.

I found the cover interesting and attractive. Title is perfectly justified and apt for the book where small words create large impacts on readers minds. Blurb is concise and mediocre.

Overall, a great book with fascinating, little tales each one a gem in itself.

A suspenseful murder mystery, gripping, engaging and hooking till the end!

‘ Fatal Fallout ‘ by Sharmishtha Shenoy is an intriguing and suspenseful tale of love, rejection and vengeance.

The plot opens with murder of Gauri, a beautiful model and aspiring actress. Vikram Rana, an ace detective is hired for solving the case.

Many individuals from Gauri’s person and professional life are in circle of doubt including her abusive boyfriend Akash and film director Madhav.

Was it a well planned pre-mediated murder or simply a robbery gone wrong?
Why was the police officer Phani Kuma trying to protect a suspect ?

It’s an engaging story with vivid narration and description. Language and vocabulary is refined and lucid. Characterization is done exceptionally well, letting the readers get to know the characters deeply and thoroughly.

A hint of romance and love to the murder mystery made it further gripping and absorbing tale. A smooth revelation of the culprit with all the clues fitting into place made it a satisfying read.

I found the cover attractive and creative, indicating the theme of the tale. Blurb is enticing and concise, heightening the interest of readers. Title is apt and indeed suitable for the plotline.

Overall, a loveable murder mystery, with passion, thrill and revenge infused perfectly in the tale.

‘Chimera’ : The search for truth and reality!

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” is rightly said by Albert Einstein.
The search for truth and reality will never cease to exist.
Thus, a philosophical approach is given to the search of reality and truth by Nitish Bahalwala in his best-selling book ‘Chimera’.

With a perfect amalgamation of fiction and facts, the theory and ideologies presented by the author seem convincing. The topics presented in the book range from human desires, evils, and karma to religion, god and universe. With a diverse and well researched background, the book is a sure shot hit with the readers.

The author doesn’t hesitate to breach the dark and hidden truths from the readers and presents his ideas in the most raw and rustic form, letting the readers soak in his deep, thought provoking and insightful words.

The title ‘Chimera’ refers to something we aspire for, however, is practically impossible to achieve. But, how can we manipulate our lives for positive and better outcomes?
Are we advancing towards self destruction? How?
How materialism has blinded us and entire humanity?
Read on to find the answers and satisfy your philosophical cravings with a dose of this spiritual and impactful book.

The author Nitish Bahalwala is a best-selling author and an M.B.B.S doctor and psychiatrist practicing in Belgorod, Russia.
Nitish Bahalwala, a young debut author recieved OK India award for Bestselling philosophy ‘the chimera’- aspiration to achieve unachievable.
The author has bagged the title of “Bestselling modern philosophy book 2019” for his book ‘Chimera’.

He is an active content creator and is working on his next book Feminatow which will soon be launched in India and Russia. It is based on a philosophical tug of war between feminists and men’s world.
Also, he is a motivational speaker, blogger and social media influencer.