‘The Story Begins At The End’ by Sujay is a collection of sixteen, warm short tales.

The stories are mainly based on different forms of love. Each tale depicts unusual ways and forms of love with an unexpected yet satisfying closure.

The stories are brimming with emotions, feelings and the author has done a commendable job in bringing those subtle emotions to the surface. The wide variety of background themes chosen by the author yet a common ground of love for each tale enticed me tremendously.

Each tale is realistic and relatable with authentic portrayal of characters and their entwined lives. Narration and description is vivid and elaborate with a good vocabulary.

I found the title of the book perfectly suited for the stories and each tale justified it in its own way. Blurb is mediocre and gives a brief idea to what lies within the book. The cover is again average and could’ve been better owing to the creative tales presented.

Overall, a refreshing and light-hearted bunch of tales for readers across all age groups.


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