‘The Feeling of Being Loved’ by Raviraj Mishra is a decent yet thoughtful tale.

The plot follows a 26 years old girl with overwhelming thoughts about love and life and a close companion who helps her gain her confidence back after being disheartened. The book is a short read with a simple plot and deep ideas.

The characters are relatable and readers can find themselves connecting with them. The protagonist Shruti’s quest for true love before marriage leads her towards the journey of self love and acceptance.

Narration and description is engaging and realistic. Language and vocabulary is easy and mediocre. However, the book contains quite a number of grammatical errors and mistakes which may be a turn off for readers. Editing can be improved.

I found the cover aesthetic and minimalistic. Title is beautiful and apt. Blurb is concise and gives a sneak peek into the storyline.

Overall, a once read book with an interesting plotline, easygoing plot and admirable theme of self love.


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