‘Myth and the Mind : Psychological Tales of Mythological Characters’ by Indrani Deb is a thrilling and refreshing collection of tales from Indian mythology.

The book six tales, each one depicting the hidden and unseen psychological aspect of characters like Sahadev, Shakuni, Gargi among others.

The book is thoroughly researched and comprehensively describes events and emotions throughout each tale.
The stories focus on the inner psychological depth of each character rather than shallow description of facts.

Despite imparting extensive information and facts about Indian mythology ( like Mahabharata ), the author manages to keep it smooth, lucid and doesn’t let the readers get lost in the maze of facts. The hefty book doesn’t let the monotony creep into readers’ minds owing to an intriguing way of storytelling.

Language and vocabulary is refined and praiseworthy. Description and narration is crisp and engaging.

I found the cover simple yet attractive. Blurb is concise and mediocre. Title is apt and justified for the collection of stories.

Overall, a must read for all bibliophiles.


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