‘MIЯЯЯO : at THE WEIЯD WAYWAЯD’ by Manoj Kumar Sharma is a contemporary fiction tale set in future.

The plot opens with bizzare incidents taking place in the beginning of the year 2030. From there, author leads to certain social evils prevalent in Indian society and talks about its deep rooted effects.
More interestingly, author describes ‘out – of – the – box’ solutions for these issues including substance abuse and rape cases.

Throughout the narration, emotions were depicted subtly. The theme picked up by the author is both commendable and thought provoking.

Narration and description was quite detailed and I found the storyline being stretched unnecessarily at places. Language is simple yet writing style can’t be called impressive for its lack of crispness.

I found the cover attractive and eye catching with uniquely designed title and a detailed blurb with highlights of the story portrayed effectively.

Overall, it’s an interesting yet patient read for all readers.


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