Behind the Scenes: A Vikram Rana Series” by Sharmishtha Shenoy is a mind-boggling, intriguing and suspenseful tale inspired by Agatha Christie’s books!

The plot was build meticulously, keeping the essentials of a murder mystery in mind. The fine detailing, vividness of description and slow and steady development of storyline is admirable.

The plot thickens around Ryan Gomez, a dimming star of Bengal Cinema. He is murdered by poisoning and suspects are many. The list of suspects includes his wife, director of the film, producer of the film, screenplay writer etc. Vikram Rana, along with a cop investigates the case.
The plot is crooked and full of twists and turns, allowing the readers to wrack their brains at each page. There are layers behind the crime and as the mystery unfolds, the readers are left craving for more!

The narration was crisp, vivid and detailed. However, the ending seemed a little abrupt to me. Not only the ending of the tale was somewhat predictable, but the sudden solution of the mystery disappointed me a bit. Nevertheless, as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, the readers could feel the satisfaction coursing through their minds.

The author has brought various human emotions like love, lust, hunger, anger and vengeance to surface.

Overall, an interesting thriller for crime fiction lovers. Certainly recommended to all the readers out there!


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