“65 Colours of Rainbow” by Smit Kapila is a unique, refreshing collection of 65 little tales or rather incidents infused with humor and warmth!

The book contains 65 such short stories, where the author has tried to bring out funny, heart-warming work related incidents.

Well, nothing extraordinary, but, ordinary incidents, retold in a pleasing manner. The purpose of this book, according to the author is “to make you understand how to extract happiness, pleasure and joy from day to day incidents that take place around you at the workplace and how that can turn your workplace into a fun place.”
The author comes from IT background and amongst all the stress, tension and pressure prevailing over the corporate workplace, this is author’s effort to lighten the mood, brighten your heart and cheer up your spirit with his collection of warm, fuzzy short stories.
Each tale is adorned with caricatures based on real life, which added sheen and multiplied my interest manifold to go through the book. Being a light and humor-based entertainer, illustrations served as a vital element of the book, making it even more interesting and appealing to wider group of readers.

“65 Colours of Rainbow” is suitable for a wide range of readers and even non-readers as it’s a light read, requires no heavy reading, is a quick, short and warm collection of stories.

As I went through each and every account described by the author, I felt as though it’s a light, everyday chit – chat between colleagues over a cup of coffee and exchange of warmth, happiness and humor. It seemed raw, unprocessed, emnating directly from author’s heart.

However, some stories seemed too bland and failed to touch my heart. In other words, they seemed forced or made-up.

The language thus, was simple, lucid and easy going. Narration was crisp and consice. The title of each tale aroused special interest in me. They were smartly chosen and reflected incidents of workplace. Fortunately, I didn’t find much grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes.

To be honest, I found the cover simply average. It couldn’t do justice to the heart touching objective of author to resurface hilarious, joyful incidents of corporate world.

Infact, it was way too general, without any incidication of what lies inside. Title was cheerful, colorful and certainly attractive. Blurb was well written too, giving a slight indication of real-life, work-related, fun-filled incidents.

This is author’s wonderful step towards countering the stress and strain of corporate world and is a great read for both avid readers and non-readers!


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