“Aqson Level 1” by Sreejib is a thrilling and gripping fantasy tale!

The plot is brimming with myriad elements, of fantasy, mythology, action and politics!
The storyline revolves around AQSON which is a game being played between God and Satan (Lucifer) for a time period of 30 years.
The objective of the game is to win or get the post of prime minister of India with the help of angels and weapons of each team. The story is set in Delhi and Kolkata.
The theme of the book is multi- layered, multi- dimensional and multi- faceted. The novel discusses some of the problems prevalent in India in a fascinating manner.

The characters are strong, powerful and relatable. They depict friendship, immense bonding and closeness with each other. Toya, Yuvrani, Ollie, Rahul and other characters touch the hearts of the readers.

The narration is detailed, minute and flawless. The vividness of description spellbinds the readers and one can picturize and imagine the situation as described by the author.

Language is lucid, smooth, with Bengali words and conversation, but fortunately along with translations. Vocabulary is rich and apt.

The theme and plot is well built, with twists and turns, action, magic, mythology, fantasy and politics. The reality of the nation, current scenario and problems are depicted covertly.
Moreover, the author has emphasised the contribution of youth in nation building in the book.

To balance the seriousness of the book, the author has infused humor, thrill and suspense in the tale, hooking the readers till the end.

However, at points, I found the story a little confusing, acronyms and short forms difficult to remember and made me flip the pages back.

The cover of the book is certainly eye-catching, attractive. Title, seemed somewhat abstract and mysterious to me, but eventually, the mystery is solved. Blurb was consice and hinted at the story lying inside in a brief manner.

Overall, a thrilling experience! Recommend to all bibliophiles out there…

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