For a Girl in a Star” by Ratna Chandu is a heartfelt tale of friendship, betrayal, love, sacrifice and passion!

The author has weaved a tragic and compelling tale around Avinash and Sahas, two close friends and companions who head towards Bangalore in pursuit of ambition. Their nature is contradictory to each other, Sahas being hardworking and nervous.
The plot takes a turn and their bond of friendship is tested when Aarti comes into their lives. A beautiful and compassionate girl, capable of tugging at heart strings of both the friends, she entices both.
Will the love and passion for Aarti, drift two close friends apart?
This is a heart wrenching story which talks about hardships of life
and how to handle them with maturity and deals with love and heartbreak!

The language is lucid and mellifluous and the description and narration is truly vivid and imaginative. The characters are strongly portrayed, depicting melodrama and emotions deeply.

However, the editing errors including spelling and grammatical errors are numerous. Moreover, at times the story becomes predictable and the readers can guess what might be coming next.

I found the cover simple and sober, pertaining to what lies inside the book. Title is apt with a well written blurb, forcing the readers pick it up and revel in the this tale!

Overall, a melodramatic tale of friendship, love and heartbreak, which will entertain and engage the readers to the core…


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