“Prisoned in Love” by Vaiibhav Nigam is a remarkably well analysed book!

It is a romantic crime fiction book where the author has tried to weave a gripping and engrossing tale of love, vengeance and sacrifices. The plot revolves around Rayirith Kapoor who was working in Bank of America after completing his MBA in New York.

His life is well settled with a wonderful wife and daughter. However, the twist comes when he lands up in cell of Rikers Island State Penitentiary. His plans to escape are intricate and well analysed! But the reasons behind it will leave the reads surprised and shocked!

The storyline is interesting, engaging and intriguing, making the book hard to put down. Nevertheless, the motives and intentions behind everything Rayirth Kapoor does become too predictable. At times, I felt the plot was dragged unnecessarily, thereby diminishing the crispness of the book.

Moreover, the editing errors, punctuation and grammatical mistakes irked me a lot! The language though lucid with a flowy narration was overshadowed by printing or editing errors!

The cover is exciting and apt with a mysterious and curiosity arousing blurb. The title is mediocre but all in all, the presentation of the book is appreciable.

Overall, I would like to rate it as 3.8 out of 5.

The book is recommend to all the readers looking for an engaging, gripping tale which will make you ponder up to what extent can you go for your loved ones!


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