“Oh My Goddess” by Rohan Govenkar is a mind boggling, entertaining and a thrilling read! Will keep you hooked till the end.

An engrossing tale with a wonderful sense of humor, “Oh My Goddess” is sure to leave the readers glued! The plot revolves around the protagonist Naveen who could go beyond his limits to win his college crush Jessica who turns out to be his boss’s daughter. He thinks of an elaborate plan to woo her and fakes their kidnapping. Simultaneously, the story of two mischevious guys who are desperate to earn money runs along. The point where the two stories meet is an absolute treat for the readers!

The climax is gripping, engaging and unexpected. The author has weaved the plot in such a way that leaves the readers guessing and missing! The language is easy and narration is flowy. But, it’s creation of this unpredictable plot, full of twists and turns that surprises the readers at every page.

I found the cover is surprisingly creative and attractive, blurb mediocre, and the title “Oh My Goddess” weird.

The book contains editing errors, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Owing to them, I would like to rate the book as 3.8 out of 5.

Recommend to all the readers out there.


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