“The mystic of twin flame relationship” by Manjit Sargam Chawla is a fascinating infusion of philosophy, spirituality and elements of fiction!

It’s a greatly crafted book providing the readers with the idea of twin souls and awares the readers about unconditional divine love.

The author has penned down her noble thoughts in an interesting way which serve the readers in many ways. The various concepts elaborated are a revelation for most of the readers. The pace of the book is a bit slow and a few readers uninterested in spirituality, philosophy and self help may find it a little monotonous. Nevertheless, its a beautiful work inspiring readers and arousing their interest in such an offbeat topic. The language is beautiful, precise and lucid, leaving the readers craving for more!

The cover is mediocre, though I found the title “The mystic of twin flame relationship” mysterious and catchy. The blurb is concise and a bit revealing.

On the whole, a lovely book to read which teaches unconditional love and is a sort of self help book! The book contains a few editing errors, misprints and repetitions.

I would like to rate it as 3.5 out of 5. Certainly recommend.


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