The simplest way to describe ‘life’ is “It goes on”…

“Two letters” is one such fine tale written in ‘Hinglish’ where the author has made an effort to describe the unpredictability and surprises of life in a romantic story.

The plot revolves around a middle class boy who falls in love with a girl (Suman) during his college days and eventually they get married after enduring the family pressure and obstacles. Nevertheless, their relationship takes a toll as the distance between them increases and they drift apart. There seems to be an awkwardness between them and when technology is at the peak, they communicate by writing letters!
The letters prove to be successful in eliminating the gap between them but life has it’s own ways!
The tragic end of the story teaches the readers a lot about life.

Overall, it was an interesting read with realistic emotions potrayed in a beautiful way. The way of writing will certainly appeal to Indian readers fond of the new language “Hinglish”.

I would like to rate it as 3 out of 5 owing to a few editing errors here and there.



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