“The 365 Days” by Nikhil Ramteke is not just a story, it’s a saga of dreams, aspirations, inspiration, motivation, heartbreak, courage, persistence and sacrifice.
It’s a wonderful book with an interesting plot, where a simple maliyali dreams of going to Dubai and fulfil his desires and aspirations. But life isn’t easy. Along his journey to fulfill his dreams, he encounters many hardships and obstacles. He’s forced to make difficult choices. His family awaits him back eagerly. The narration is vivid and the author succeeds in making the scenes go live in front of reader’s eyesBut with sheer grit and determination, against all odds, he emerges victorious.
But the question is how? What did he had to face during “365 Days” ? How did he struggle? Just lose yourself in this thriller to find out the answers.

I found the cover and blurb attractive, though the title appeared a bit gloomy! The only disappointment was poor editing and thus, grammatical and spelling errors.

I certainly recommend this book to all the readers out there and kudos to the author for bringing out such a beautiful book with thrill and emotions!!!


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