There is more to life than marks! With this as the central idea, the author has made an effort to create a light headed and engaging story…

“37 grace marks” revolves around the protagonist Viraj who is an engineering student juggling his studies and love life. From being a carefree and happy to go lucky person, he gets transformed when he falls head over heals in love with Nimisha.

Viraj goes through rough and difficult times when the pain of unrequited love and inability to concentrate on studies leading to backlogs, make a deadly combination, pushing Viraj on the verge of emotions breakdown!

An average read with a light humor, romance and college life struggles, it was an engaging read.

Though, the idea seemed to be wonderful, the outcome wasn’t as magnificent as it could have been. With an unnecessarily stretched plot, monotonous language, unlinked chapters and too many grammatical errors to ignore, this book failed to fulfil it’s objective.

Nevertheless, the cover, blurb and title are apt, provide the readers with a fair idea of what the book is all about and arouse curiosity and interest among the readers.

Overall, an average, one time read with 3 out of 5 as my ratings!


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