Colorful notions” by Mohit Goyal is nice, captivating story of three childhood friends who decide to take a road trip across India!

The storyline is perfect with fun, food, travel and adventure. The plot is a a great amalgamation of fun, friendship, relationships and misunderstandings too. The narration or description of the places visited by the protagonists is vivid, engaging and exciting nevertheless, it lacked depth!

Inspite of being a quirky, adventurous ride with a beautifully crafted plot, it couldn’t touch the depth of my heart. The torrential flow describing the lovely places left me flabbergasted. The author couldn’t bring out the emotions or feelings of the characters even though the theme is absolutely enticing and interesting.

The cover is satisfactory, hinting what the book is all about with caricatures and blurb makes the readers crave for more than what the book could provide!

Overall, I would like to rate it as 3 out of 5.

Go for it if you are looking for a light, non intense, fun, adventure and travelogue sort of book!


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